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  1. I haven't really been able to be as active here as I want, due to all that not-so-fun real life stuff, but I was in a training today ( on de-escalating techniques, oddly) and it got me thinking about this forum. One of the things we were talking about was how effective communication leads to positive relationships, and all the stuff that goes along with how to do that, and that got me thinking about the relationships in my life, which led me to think about all of you. Sooooo, I wanted to say thank you to everyone! Thank you for being here to talk about dollhouses and the love of building, rebu
  2. Ann, you are right, sometimes retreating isn't the best way to deal with something, but other times, when you are going round and round and beating the same dead horse and still getting nuttin', retreat is all you can do! I personally think that no matter how long you have been with someone, money is almost always going to be an issue, even if you've talked about it beforehand and more or less agree on things. I also think that money will almost always be a trigger for an unpleasant discussion, no matter what your situation is. I hope that you and your husband are able to come up with a peacef
  3. I have a co-worker who feels like that as well. She can tolerate being called Debra (how hers is spelled) but would prefer that she not be called that....but under no circumstances whatsoever will she answer to Debbie. I was working a shift with her one night and a client persisted in calling her Debbie, even after being asked not to. I could tell that she was starting to see red so I kinda took over and made a joke of it, saying "Debbie? We don't have anyone here by that name, who are you talking to?" When the client would point at Deb, I'd say "Oh you mean Deb! I wondered who you meant!" Aft
  4. Heidi, I just sat here and laughed through that entire thing! All four of my kitties are just like that, walking around on our heads and in our faces, taking up the entire sofa, meowing cutely and innocently, even the exasperated sigh! Sometimes their antics can be annoying (for about a second) but then you think about how cute they are, and how can you help but laugh at them? Thanks for sharing!
  5. Ugh! Way too much going on lately so I've not had much time here on the forums (POUT) The last week in July/first week of August was the Bangor State Fair, and I do security for that, so I was gone pretty much 12-16 hours every day for that. Got my check for that, which went into my car...registration and inspection first, and as my "reward" for working so much, I got my car detailed..it is now LITERALLY squeaky clean and there are no more dubious stains or smells (see if Eric ever gets to drive it again after tracking dog poo all through it...GRRR) Getting caught up on other stuff this week..
  6. Hmmmm what HAVEN'T I been called over the years? muahahaha. Mom always called me Sweetpea, Honeybunches of Oats or Jennylein (roughly translated to little jenny i think....my family lived in Germany at the time, moved back two months before I was born) my sister has called me all sorts of names but now I'm pretty much just Auntie, as I am the only "blood" aunt to my nephews...my bro-in-law has called me munchkin since he met me...my DH either calls me girly or princess (not that I'm spoiled or anything ;) ) and at work I'm either "Kid" or "Little Jen" (there used to be two Jens, the other one
  7. Reading back on what I wrote, I'm realizing I wrote it a bit wrong! Holly, I promise I am only drinking 1 20oz bottle of diet coke a day, and really, that's only when I work at my real job, so that's only 3-4 nights a week. The rest of the time, I drink water/Crystal Light/juice(sometimes) and a lot of milk. What I meant with the diet Coke is that I'm sticking with it even though I really really want a Mountain Dew. I need my caffeine fix!!! Have tried coffee and tea for caffeine, but I just can't get used to the taste of coffee, and tea doesn't keep me awake enough....*grumble* why hasn't any
  8. I'm so sorry Margaret...sending you hugs, tissues, and whatever other type of comfort would help even a little right now
  9. Well, so far, for the month of June I am down 3 pounds...and that's with no exercise. I know, not a good thing!!! I've just been working insane hours (starting the day after the mini show, and yesterday was my first day off) all overnights, so I haven't been eating much...I lose my appetite when I get overtired. I've been trying to force myself to eat, because I know I have to, and I've been doing the "grazing" thing: small meals/snacks. I've also been doing my very best to stay hydrated...and sticking to the diet Coke even though I really really want a Mountain Dew!!!! Thankfully, I won't be
  10. I think burgundy with hunter green and gold would be gorgeous! Now, didn't someone awhile back post a website that had pictures of different dollhouses that you could print out and color to try out different colors, or am I crazy?
  11. Susanne, what an awesome idea, I can just imagine if we were able to do this in RL...we'd have to rent a ginormous banquet hall or something!
  12. Wow, very well done! I am super impressed! Something I noticed is that one of your customers looks a lot like my mother-in-law!!!!!
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