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    Even with all your work chaos, you find time to share your family with us...what a sweetheart! Your wife and kids are all beautiful, and your pets just precious! I love the picture of Henry and his sweater...is he sneezing? LOL
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    Dead Deer

    Wasn't quite sure myself what to expect upon opening this thread....I'm glad that there were no deaths reported, but please be safe Jeremy, take care of yourself, and please make sure to get enough rest! I worry about people driving tired!!!!!! I also work in mental health, and it is absolutely true that sleep deprivation can mess a person up! I've had people come in who haven't slept in days....we feed 'em and put 'em to bed, and after a good night's sleep, they are an all-new person! Eric and I both have insane schedules, and there are times that we don't see each other for days. Thankfu
  3. Bird bird bird, bird is the word! I think what is really making it stick is the whole dance Peter did along with the song!
  4. 1. What is the favorite Halloween candy? M&M's 2. What is the favorite costume? Vampire 3. What is the scariest costume you have ever seen? Insurance salesman 4. What is the scariest Halloween movie? Night of the Living Dead, Exorcist, Halloween (the original) 5. What is the favorite Halloween activity? Trick or Treating, Hayrides, Haunted House 6. What is the best Halloween decoration? JackOLanterns 7. At what age do most people stop trick or treating? 14 8. Name a Halloween cartoon. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 9. Name an activity done at a Halloween party? Haunte
  5. Homemade "coupon" books, geared to different family members. My sister typically gets coups for babysitting, and when the money is there, she gets a gift card for a retaurant and movie so it's a "date night" package. Other family members will get help with various household tasks, help with shopping (for older folks who have difficulty getting around) and then "romantic" coups for the SO. Kids could get coups for special one on one time with a parent or grandparent.... Dollar stores rock, as do sales! My sister and I are absolutely hard-core shoppers...when we say "shop til you drop" we aren
  6. Well, let's see.....I am not in the best neighborhood...on one side I have a women's halfway house and on the other, a known crackhouse that the cops just can't seem to bust....and then you have us...my husband owns a security company, and leaves his black-and-white H3's in very prominent view (one in front of the house and the other just in the driveway). I will not answer the door when I am home alone under any circumstances, and if Eric is home, he is usually the first one to the door anyway. We're debating on what to do as far as me and guns.....We both agree that I should learn to use a g
  7. I wish I could give you a success story about Restasis, but unfortunately, I've never heard of it . I could give you a success story for Alrex, which is the prescription eye drop I use PRN for a combination of chronic dry eye plus nasty itchy eyes from allergies....it's a saline eye drop with steroids, and some soothing ingredient to help me not scratch so much....Not mega-expensive either....I hope that you will be a Restasis success story!
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    oh yum!

    Those Vicks tissues are WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Whenever I get sick, that is the first thing on my sickbed shopping list! They are a bit more expensive than regular tissues, but I figure that I only get them when I am sick, and they make me feel sooooo much better, so it is totally worth it! One of my co-workers told me about these tabs he gets when he is sick. I guess they are like dissolving Vicks that you put in the shower, and they combine with the steam/hot water to help you breathe better. Anyone know offhand what those are called? Hope you feel better very soon!
  9. Oh, someone please get me a drool cloth and a nice Victorian fainting couch to swoon on. Holly.....can I come live with you and drool heavily????
  10. Wow, how sad is this? I remember when the original American Girls came out, with the three dolls, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. My mom got herself the Samantha doll, and every year for Christmas, I'd get some of the books. It was something my mom and I could actually connect on, so Samantha is one of my best childhood memories! I have to wonder sometimes when it became more important to make tons of money than to do something RIGHT. The old-school dolls were of such better quality than the ones these days...... Sad Jenn!!!!
  11. Patrick Stewart all the way! Started in the Star Trek TNG days and continues today. When Eric and I were in London last year we saw him in Macbeth (a weird postWW2 version....) and I couldn't decide between drooling and swooning!
  12. Weather channel here as well. It's looking like Kyle won't hit Maine *too* bad, but the storm keeps dancing around so that could change, joyous. I have to remind Eric to weigh down the trashcans or bring them in so they don't go flying...I so do not like the idea of having bags of used cat litter scattered all over my porch and what passes for a front yard for us!!! mmmm mullets..........
  13. I'm so sorry for the loss of your MIL, and I'm sorry that you are having such a crappy week. On the bright side....today IS Friday...so the week is kinda over....I hope that things calm down and you have a much better week next week. HUGS
  14. Congratulations!!! All I can say is don't take it all too seriously: no one likes a bridezilla ROFL (I was so the opposite of a bridezilla that I almost gave my poor sister a nervous breakdown: week before the wedding: "Oh yeah, photographer would be a good idea, wouldn't it?") ;)
  15. Poor baby! I'm so sorry he isn't responding to the Dilantin, and I'm sorry you and your family will have to be making that decision. Sending hugs to you all and chin scratches to Attila.
  16. I'm so sorry to hear about this, Marg. I'm glad you can be there for your brother, and for his kids as well. I hope that everything works out for the best for you all. Sending hugs down your way.
  17. Gina, I know that this was one heck of a decision for you, and I feel you definitely did the right thing for your brothers, regardless of what they may think. I also wanted to weigh in, because I work in "the system" in Maine, and I'm pretty familiar with most of the agencies. Crisis and Counseling in Augusta: they are great! Not as great as Northeast Crisis (LOL) but considering that NEC is the program I work for, I am justifiably biased! I've also got pretty good things to say about DHHS: with all the crap Baldacci keeps dumping on them, they keep on trucking like little Energizer bunnies! S
  18. I am currently trying to decide if I'm in one piece or not...It's been a really long month at work, and I am now on a stretch of 7 days off (I love you Karen!). Last night was a really rough shift: I literally spent 5 hours trying to figure out clients' medication issues, and doing so in the middle of the night when you can't talk to a doctor= NOT FUN! I had to sort through everything that each client had brought, and had to explain to one why I couldn't give him some of the meds (like the one that expired in 1994, and he wasn't even positive if the pills in the bottle were actually that scri
  19. Hmmm...30 minute shower for me? Doesn't happen unless I doze off or really zone out. 30+ is pretty typical for Eric, but he uses showers as a coping skill/unwinding so I don't complain much, plus our water bill has never been too bad (except for when we had a toilet that was running constantly and we didn't know it....said toilet is part of a weird "hidden away" bathroom in the back of a closet, and is rarely used, which is why we didn't know, but anyway...) As far as shaving...I actually take less time to shave than Eric and I am shaving far more parts of the body....is that weird? He takes f
  20. Let's see, kind of an odd day yesterday....went out to dinner with some friends, then they wanted to go out drinking/dancing but I just wasn't up for it....eric and i vegged on the couch for a bit and then i got into an odd cleaning fit (at midnight!!!) and cleaned until 430AM. Skipped my staff meeting (blush) because getting up at 730 after going to bed at 430 just didn't appeal....went to the orthodontist at 11, got one of my teeth shaved down (OWWWW) and new liners (invisalign braces). Thankfully now my poor mouth can heal....my last pair ended up very twisted and had sharp bits everywhere,
  21. hmmm animated orphaned penguin.....it's not Chilly Willy, is it?
  22. Favorite flower? Carnations and/or tulips Favorite color? why, ORANGE of course! Favorite meal? I love food. Period.
  23. Heidi, this may sound a little weird (ok maybe a lot weird) but we had a *cough* friend ( thankfully no longer in our lives) who had a bit too much to drink one day and dropped his IPhone in the toilet (I don't know, I didn't dare ask!). Anyway, he sealed his in a baggie full of uncooked rice for a few days and after that it worked fine....maybe that would work for you? I hope that Miss Nat has thought about things and has a change of heart....... My day? Yeah, I spent too much money. Not that I wanted to but I kinda wanted my car to be legal! I'm now registered, inspected and clean! Also
  24. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby! Congratulations Margaret!!!!
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