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  1. Well now. I am apparently a goober......got some stuff in my cart all ready to go, went back to my email to get the code....I guess I accidentally deleted it!!! What was I thinking???? Is there anyone out there who can help a fellow addict? LOL
  2. So far, so good....the temps haven't been all that bad, and no snow yet.....but a lot of rain lately....ah well Several of my co-workers live about an hour away from work, and they always bring at least one change of clothes with them in case they get stuck in town during the winter. I'm sooo grateful that I live right in town and only 10 minutes from work. One thing I love about the team I work with is that we have all offered the travelers bed space if they get stuck...not just one or two of us, but all of us have offered. I hate the thought of people driving long distances in crappy we
  3. There are several of us at work who got hooked on the series, and when my boss heard about the movie release date (the original of Dec12) she immediately wrote on her calendar that we all (6ish of us?) needed that night and the next day shift off....must go out for food after the movie and process! Has anyone else read The Host yet? It is very very different from the Twilight universe and geared more towards adults, but WOW! I will warn folks who haven't read it yet that the beginning is a bit slow, but stick with it, once it gets going it is just....wow..... Team Ian!
  4. I don't know about others, I only speak for me, but I can say I am certainly not offended by you discussing your vegetarian lifestyle! I believe that everyone has the right to live their life how they choose, and as far as food, as long as they are healthy, it's all good. I also like to learn about new things, and it is interesting to learn about the different options available to people who choose the vegetarian lifestyle, so I have enjoyed this discussion. My thought is that you are certainly not trying to force your opinions on others, so I really don't think you have anything to worry abo
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Traci, but glad to see you back and I'm glad that you are ok-ish (at least healthwise.....). Sending hugs to you and your DH.
  6. Cool deal Heidi! I'm glad that Chelsea will be covered again, hopefully a little less stress for you, and thanks for the heads up!
  7. Kind of a weird work schedule this week and next...I worked Wed/Thur overnight, I'm off tonight, I work Sat night, off Sun, work Mon/Tues overnight, and then I have a stretch off, 6 days I think? In any case, today and Sunday are a bit shot, but it's all good. I slept most of today, and now I'm going through mail on my desk, and catching up on emails and such. I'm trying to stay in the same up at night/sleep during the day pattern so I'll be set for work, and really I am a night owl anyway so it's all good. I figure I'll do "office" stuff today and housework when I get up Sunday.
  8. Oh, I am so weak, and succumb so easily to peer pressure! I wasn't gonna do it, but I am gonna go look and probably will end up buying something, maybe a haunted house, or a travel trailer? We shall see. Thank you Dean, you really do spoil us and it is appreciated!!!!!
  9. Hmm, that is a great deal, and there is a RiteAid on my way to/from work. Right now I use a local family run drugstore, , because the family is a huge supporter of our community, and because they allow people to have a tab if needed, but they are a little more expensive....I don't know, it's a hard call, isn't it?
  10. Typically, Eric and I start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving, once I've recovered from Black Friday. Looking at my work schedule, I'm working all that weekend, so our stuff will come out sometime the first week of December. I can't wait! I love decorating, and I can't wait to see everyone's holiday eye candy!
  11. I have seen people make spiderwebs from the strings left by a hot glue gun...not sure how well that would hold up for your purposes though.
  12. Ok, now I'm hungry, thanks a lot everyone! :yes: I got Eric a bread machine a few months ago, nothing fancy, one of the $40 wonders from wally world (suncoast? sunbury, something sun, anyway). He has used it a few times, and says he really likes it. The only possible problem I foresee is that ours is small, and a loaf is really only good for 2-3 people, so if you have lots to feed, be prepared to make more loaves, I guess. Eric told me that it is literally easy enough that I could do it, so that's a good thing! I love bread.
  13. Growing up, we didn't have a whole lot of traditions, although every year on Christmas Eve, my sister and I were allowed one gift, which was always a new LLBean flannel nightgown, and we also had a chocolate advent calendar. Now that Jill and I are all growed up (or something..) and have our own families, we are working on building traditions and creating new ones for ourselves, such as our annual Black Friday and Boxing Day dates. Also, Eric and I do Christmas with my sister and her family the day after Christmas, in the evening, and we do pizza instead of a full-on dinner (since Jill and I
  14. I am sooooo grateful that I don't have kids yet! As far as kids and cell phones...I think if I were to get my young'un a cell phone, it would be one of those that I think Disney puts out.....it can have only a few specific numbers programmed into it (Mom+Dad, 911, etc) and those are the only numbers that can call in as well. I think that would be the safest bet for a kid having a phone, especially if they need to call for rides a lot. Scary information though, and thanks for the heads up!
  15. Turkey day at my house, with both of our families....not like we have that many family members, but it's all good! Eric absolutely loooooooves to cook and entertain, so Thanksgiving is the one time we can get everyone together in one place. I ended up having to work the overnight before TDay but it's all good, since I am a jinx in the kitchen anyway; I'll just make the table up before I go to work that night! As far as Black Friday, oh yeah, I am one of those people that y'all hate.....the <mostly> hardcore shopper that is out at oh-dark-thirty. My sister and I didn't have many trad
  16. Headed to work in a couple of hours..staff meeting in the AM so I won't even get home until 11Am and then back to work at 7Pm tomorrow. heidi, I'm with you...feeling really craptastic but nothing I can really pinpoint..just general yuck. Saw my psych nurse today, had some med changes, and she plans to send me to a neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders to find out why I sleep so much (who knew that 30+ hours at a pop was considered excessive? ) But seriously...the sleep thing's been ongoing for awhile and neither my regular doc or psych nurse can figure it out.....have had so much blo
  17. Awww, cmon, it isn't THAT bad here during a blizzard, I promise! And if you did come to Maine (at least the Bangor area), we have a big enough house to fit y'all comfortably! All my DH would ask would be a few cooking lessons! On the serious side, I am sorry this happened to your family, and I wish I could offer a positive solution....in the meantime, my best wishes will be with you all. Please keep us updated!
  18. She's here!!!!!! Shaci thought it would be the end of the week but she's here she's here she's here!!!!! Molly is currently resting up a bit from her trip but soon plans to wreak some havoc, I mean, get to know my kitties. YAY!
  19. Oh no, certainly not! What I meant was the eye candy somewhat compensates for not being able to mini! Nothing makes up for honey withdrawal! :lol:
  20. Economy. Blech. I have been picking up overtime as much as possible here, and so has Eric...unfortunately, it is rare that our schedules coincide. I think for all of October, we've spent maybe one or two days together . I also don't have a lot of time for minis right now either, which is making me even sadder! If I didn't have y'all to give me eye candy, I don't know what I'd do!
  21. No kids or grandkids here....but I do have nephews, and they are supercuties, so sometimes it's hard to say no. The older one is now 9 and he is one heck of a quick thinker when told no: As a toddler, he used to think that anything big and round (like donuts) was a "big cookie" so one day, he asked for a donut "big cookie?" (blink blink go the big brown eyes!) "No William" <Pause> "Big cookie....please?" When he was older, he once asked me for some candy that his parents had put away. "Auntie Jenn, may I please have some candy from that bowl?" Me: "No William, your mom said no candy"
  22. Had a weird forum-related dream last night....I dreamt that there was a hide+seek thing going on with Heidi's lil spider Norman, and that when you found him hiding somewhere in the forum, you got to use him in your signature as well.... Was pretty cool actually, and something I could see happening LOL
  23. OMG it's October already???? Thanks for the reminder Greg!!!!
  24. My FIL passed away last month, and my MIL had one of those experiences the day before his funeral...she had gone into town to get some lunch, and on her way back, she said she was thinking about everything, and feeling really miserable, so out of the blue she decided to turn on her car radio (which she RARELY ever did)....it was a radio station that rented out time slots to different programs, and at this particular time, it happened to be a gospel music show. She was listening, and she heard a song about how wonderful it is in Heaven, and how the loved ones left behind shouldn't be sad....She
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