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  1. The tiger is absolutely gorgeous, but sure doesn't look happy! The baby kitty inside the computer tower looks quite content, though!
  2. When I think of Chinese dish names, the only one that comes to mind currently is the unfortunately named "Gai Poo Pan" Do people not think these names through before using them????? LOL, glad you found your mystery dish and it came out so well
  3. Let's see, so far I've found most of my office and fixed the darn shredder, but now I have to vaccum up all the lil bits that are everywhere . Laundry is going, and have dug out the tote so I can file 2008 misc paperwork that DOESN'T go to the taxman...his stuff is in a different pile. Weather here is just....poopy.....switching between rain and sleet, so driving is fantabulous from what I hear....unless there is a dire emergency, I ain't goin' near my car!!!! Gonna go pretend to clean upstairs in a bit...maybe I'll wander into a Clean House marathon and Niecy and crew will kick my tookus int
  4. I saw this on yahoo news today http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081218/ap_on_...erced_kittens_4 And I want to hunt this woman down and smack her. Repeatedly. Preferably with a large, blunt object. Why on earth would anyone think this is a good idea, let alone a MARKETABLE idea??????????? UGH!
  5. Gina, you can always make me smile, no matter how poopy a day I might be having! I can just picture you creating sneaky ways to lure the deer into your basement so you can feed them and water them and encourage them to curl up on nice warm blankies that you have strewn about! I wonder if deer can be housetrained?
  6. Kalygirl


    Ok, I give up......how on earth did your baby manage that particular feat?????? :o
  7. I only caught a brief bit of the story (finding a child's remains) and I also am heartbroken for whoever the child is, and those who loved the child. I know this may sound morbid, and I hope no one is offended, but the only bright side is that now, SOMEBODY will have closure knowing for sure what happened to their child. Sometimes not knowing is worse than anything else. Poor little baby :teary:
  8. What a weird fall/winter its been! I've been online lots but I feel like I'm getting nothing done as far as emails and reading here, etc. Doing that now and trying to find my office at the same time...too much junk mail!!! This evening, DH and I are putting up the tree and putting together my Santa table. Maybe I'll even remember to take pictures this year!!!
  9. Well, how about something that you need/want that you wouldn't necessarily think of buying for yourself normally? I know, that sounded weird, but like Eric and I were talking a while back, and he mentioned that he might like to start wearing a bathrobe, but never remembered to snag one when we go clothes shopping for him. Ok, I can run with that! Or for me, my computer speakers are starting to go poof, and I never remember to look when I am out shopping. Winter boots/coat? Nice warm jammies? An electric throw for when you are snuggled on the couch relaxing? A GPS since you are now driving all
  10. I was getting the Christmas decorations out of the closet last night, and I found a whole box of misc stuff that I had apparently bought for presents but forgotten about (One was a coffee mug I had ordered in 2005 ) Unfortunately, I have no idea now who any of the gifts were supposed to go to.....so is that a regift or a repurpose or neither? If I find new gift recipients, that is....
  11. Some people just take this PC thing WAY too far! Now, I certainly respect everyone's right to choose whatever religion/etc they wish, and I understand that no group wants to be treated badly. However, when someone says Merry Christmas or any other standard holiday greeting, isn't that essentially giving the other person good wishes? I see it as similar to wishing someone a good day. If someone says Happy Hanukah to me, I smile and say thank you even though I am not Jewish, because they are being kind and wishing me the best. That's just my two cents.
  12. Holly, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts
  13. This didnt happen to me but to my co-worker Darcey: she found her favorite pair of sunglasses that she had lost months ago! (I think what happened is they got put into someone else's box by mistake) Today is payday!
  14. If they were on the river, maybe it was a loon? I could see a loon taping up a box with its beak.......Glad to hear that our wanderer has arrived safely!
  15. 1.) On the way home from work yesterday morning, I noticed that there was a dog in the car in front of me. He/she kept sticking his nose out the back windows to sniff, and his tail was going a mile a minute. Just a happy dog out for a ride with his people 2.) Got home and as I walked up the stairs, I was greeted by all four kitties sitting in a row waiting to give me kisses and head butts 3.) Woke up yesterday afternoon and found kitty Cocoa (oldest. siamese/tabby mix) curled up against my tummy. He was sound asleep but still purring his super-rattly purr that means he's happy. Loo
  16. It wouldn't surprise me if she did wander off in search of friends, especially because she already found at least one moose friend who insisted on going with her when she left here. I suspect that when moose party, they think of ways to torture unsuspecting travelers, kinda like that Geico commercial with the squirrels......
  17. I HATE COMPUTER ISSUES!!!!! Sorry, am ok now....'pooter at home decided to kaput, so I had to wait until I came back to work to get online...anyway Molly went out last Wednesday, late afternoon. I wonder why she's not there as well, but I'll try to follow up once I get off shift this morning. I hope she gets to you soon!
  18. So apparently, my post office got a half day on Monday....went to get Molly on her merry way (this was at noon) and they were already closed up! I'd hoped to get her out before Veteran's Day, but it didn't happen...which is not necessarily a bad thing! Anyway, right now I am waiting for DH to get back with my car, and then we will head down to the post office again. In the meantime, I am getting her pictures organized to send to Teresa. Hmmmm, you know what would rock? What if I were to take a road trip with Molly and deliver her to Grahzina in person..........and drool all over her stock.....
  19. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts. And as far as not having anything to contribute.....it's not a bad thing to come in and "lurk" sometimes...sometimes just reading what everyone is up to helps bring my spirits up, even if I don't have anything to say
  20. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I'm sending hugs and best wishes to you and your family.
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