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  1. I'm using the Arm&Hammer Multi-Cat along with the Litter Box Deodorizer powder they put out and I've had really good luck with both, other than, of course, the inevitable litter being tracked through the house LOL. I have those litter mats but they hardly get any use!
  2. Rock on Kellee, what an awesome score for you! B)
  3. Me too! All this time I've had people tease me for doing that, now finally someone who understands! LOL
  4. mold (ewwwwww, I found some in my fridge today! Hate it when stuff gets pushed to the back and forgotten!)
  5. Too fun! Thank you Arda, and I can't wait to read more of the story; you have such a way with words! <_<
  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your kitty, how very tragic. Not much I can say, but sending hugs to you and your family <_<
  7. I think the worst thing about shoveling is that you GET hot and sweaty, and then all that sweat freezes to you. Blech!
  8. Sweet! Thanks for the reminder Greg, and I hope to see you there! <_<
  9. someone once told me that Amy Carter was famous for bringing a book to the table for fancy dinners that she had to attend with her parents. I know that theoretically this would be considered rude, but I always thought that was just the coolest thing. How many kids come prepared to deal with their own boredom, instead of acting out? LOL
  10. <_< Oh, ow, that hurt, and I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing, I bet we all needed that giggle!
  11. Awwww how sweet! Thanks for sharing! <_<
  12. Heidi, I was in a local Rite Aid on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! and it was positively dead! The cashier was fawningly grateful to see me there, and it was kinda creepy. Eric and I were talking about it, how that particular Rite Aid is dark and dingy, even though it is only a year or two old, and it was no wonder people flocked to the new, shiny, bright, clean Walgreen's across the street. Funny. Now that I think about it...all the Walgreen's that came to this area recently have built near a Rite Aid. Hmmmmmmmm <_<
  13. Did someone say Bermuda? I've got the passport and bags ready, and if someone *cough* Greg* *cough* wants to pick me up, I'll bring the chocolate and the Green Apple Pucker! So not looking forward to this storm, especially if I get stuck at work because my co-workers can't get in... Everyone please stay warm, dry and safe, and if you do have to travel, PLEASE be that person no one wants to get stuck behind and drive safely! I want to know that all my forum buddies are A-OK! <_<
  14. How very cool Michelle. and congrats on the business! Is that Ben in your avatar? What a cutiepie!!!!!!
  15. I wonder if, in addition to the amazing shrinking machine, Dean happens to have a (legal) magic machine that creates legal American tender? <_<
  16. Congratulations Kathie and Brandaen! I'm so happy for you both, and I can't wait to see what you each come up with next! <_<
  17. Oh Muriel, congratulations! How wonderful for you both, and what a sweet guy he is to make the scene just right! Please, keep us updated on wedding prep! (LOOOOOVE weddings!) As for me, just got back from dinner with DH and my DS/BIL and nephews, to celebrate Eric's and my birthday. Putzing around on the computer while I digest nummy fajitas. We're supposed to be getting a Nor'Easter starting tomorrow, and I'm supposed to work the next three overnights, so I'll be packing extra clothes in case I get stuck there (half of my co-workers live an hour or more away, and I'm not sure if any of
  18. Someone else suggested my idea of maybe using any leftover money from the relocation budget to replace paints (agreed, with discussion with DH prior!) Have you sussed out any dh shops or craft stores in your new area yet, to have an idea ahead of time where to go to replace? Also, for your current paints: if the dh owner doesn't want them, how about donating to a local school's art program? All the art teachers I ever knew were dying for art supplies!
  19. Well said Merry! Heidi, I think you are an awesome person for doing what you can to help your MIL! And I hope that you never feel ashamed or get any grief from others for taking care of yourself and your family first before helping others! Charity starts at home, and what good is it for your MIL to be ok if your daughters are starving and going barefoot? (Or some other less dramatic analogy!) My own MIL is in a pretty crappy financial position as well since my FIL passed last year. All his medical bills are hitting her now, and she had to stop working to care for him, so her only income at
  20. Ok, since it wasn't cold enough LAST week....this weekend is supposed to be just as cold, if not worse....I think the lowest low in Bangor last week was -27.....I was in a training with a lady from Houlton (way the heck north!!!) and she said they had cancelled school for the next day because they were expecting -60! SHEESH!!! She said there was no way she was going back that day or the next! As for me....if it gets that cold again, I will not leave my nice warm bed with nice warm flannel sheets, a nice warm electric blankie, a nice warm hubby (when he isn't restless LOL) and four nice warm pu
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