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  1. Oh Muriel, congratulations! How wonderful for you both, and what a sweet guy he is to make the scene just right! Please, keep us updated on wedding prep! (LOOOOOVE weddings!) As for me, just got back from dinner with DH and my DS/BIL and nephews, to celebrate Eric's and my birthday. Putzing around on the computer while I digest nummy fajitas. We're supposed to be getting a Nor'Easter starting tomorrow, and I'm supposed to work the next three overnights, so I'll be packing extra clothes in case I get stuck there (half of my co-workers live an hour or more away, and I'm not sure if any of
  2. Let's see, so far I've found most of my office and fixed the darn shredder, but now I have to vaccum up all the lil bits that are everywhere . Laundry is going, and have dug out the tote so I can file 2008 misc paperwork that DOESN'T go to the taxman...his stuff is in a different pile. Weather here is just....poopy.....switching between rain and sleet, so driving is fantabulous from what I hear....unless there is a dire emergency, I ain't goin' near my car!!!! Gonna go pretend to clean upstairs in a bit...maybe I'll wander into a Clean House marathon and Niecy and crew will kick my tookus int
  3. What a weird fall/winter its been! I've been online lots but I feel like I'm getting nothing done as far as emails and reading here, etc. Doing that now and trying to find my office at the same time...too much junk mail!!! This evening, DH and I are putting up the tree and putting together my Santa table. Maybe I'll even remember to take pictures this year!!!
  4. Holly, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts
  5. If they were on the river, maybe it was a loon? I could see a loon taping up a box with its beak.......Glad to hear that our wanderer has arrived safely!
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if she did wander off in search of friends, especially because she already found at least one moose friend who insisted on going with her when she left here. I suspect that when moose party, they think of ways to torture unsuspecting travelers, kinda like that Geico commercial with the squirrels......
  7. I HATE COMPUTER ISSUES!!!!! Sorry, am ok now....'pooter at home decided to kaput, so I had to wait until I came back to work to get online...anyway Molly went out last Wednesday, late afternoon. I wonder why she's not there as well, but I'll try to follow up once I get off shift this morning. I hope she gets to you soon!
  8. So apparently, my post office got a half day on Monday....went to get Molly on her merry way (this was at noon) and they were already closed up! I'd hoped to get her out before Veteran's Day, but it didn't happen...which is not necessarily a bad thing! Anyway, right now I am waiting for DH to get back with my car, and then we will head down to the post office again. In the meantime, I am getting her pictures organized to send to Teresa. Hmmmm, you know what would rock? What if I were to take a road trip with Molly and deliver her to Grahzina in person..........and drool all over her stock.....
  9. Kind of a weird work schedule this week and next...I worked Wed/Thur overnight, I'm off tonight, I work Sat night, off Sun, work Mon/Tues overnight, and then I have a stretch off, 6 days I think? In any case, today and Sunday are a bit shot, but it's all good. I slept most of today, and now I'm going through mail on my desk, and catching up on emails and such. I'm trying to stay in the same up at night/sleep during the day pattern so I'll be set for work, and really I am a night owl anyway so it's all good. I figure I'll do "office" stuff today and housework when I get up Sunday.
  10. Headed to work in a couple of hours..staff meeting in the AM so I won't even get home until 11Am and then back to work at 7Pm tomorrow. heidi, I'm with you...feeling really craptastic but nothing I can really pinpoint..just general yuck. Saw my psych nurse today, had some med changes, and she plans to send me to a neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders to find out why I sleep so much (who knew that 30+ hours at a pop was considered excessive? ) But seriously...the sleep thing's been ongoing for awhile and neither my regular doc or psych nurse can figure it out.....have had so much blo
  11. She's here!!!!!! Shaci thought it would be the end of the week but she's here she's here she's here!!!!! Molly is currently resting up a bit from her trip but soon plans to wreak some havoc, I mean, get to know my kitties. YAY!
  12. Oh no, certainly not! What I meant was the eye candy somewhat compensates for not being able to mini! Nothing makes up for honey withdrawal! :lol:
  13. Economy. Blech. I have been picking up overtime as much as possible here, and so has Eric...unfortunately, it is rare that our schedules coincide. I think for all of October, we've spent maybe one or two days together . I also don't have a lot of time for minis right now either, which is making me even sadder! If I didn't have y'all to give me eye candy, I don't know what I'd do!
  14. Had a weird forum-related dream last night....I dreamt that there was a hide+seek thing going on with Heidi's lil spider Norman, and that when you found him hiding somewhere in the forum, you got to use him in your signature as well.... Was pretty cool actually, and something I could see happening LOL
  15. Weather channel here as well. It's looking like Kyle won't hit Maine *too* bad, but the storm keeps dancing around so that could change, joyous. I have to remind Eric to weigh down the trashcans or bring them in so they don't go flying...I so do not like the idea of having bags of used cat litter scattered all over my porch and what passes for a front yard for us!!! mmmm mullets..........
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