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  1. Hi Genevieve! yes we are talking about the same lady! Liz and I have worked together on some things, and my Ron Clanton emporium came from the same estate as your Elliot Bay house. We have all loved that house and if I had anywhere to put it I would have grabbed it up. I'm so glad you're getting it and it is beautifully finished and of course so well made. Good luck and have fun personalizing it when it gets to you. Let us know how it turns out! Suzi
  2. Thank you so much for all this information and clarity of it! I purchased several finished homes (probably originally purchased as shells), and they are so unique and wonderfully built that I had to find out about them. Because so much time has passed, it has been quite difficult to get the correct info, and many on this blog have contributed; but to get "Clell Boyce" via you of course, is amazing and wonderful. The workmanship in these houses is exquisite and wonderful. I so appreciate the craftsmanship in them. Please thank Mr. Boyce for me, and thank you for your he
  3. Genevieve, Congrats on your Elliot Bay!! I was wondering where you’re getting it? (If you don’t mind). I have a friend selling some of these Ron Clanton homes from a estate. They are so beautiful, lucky you! Will be great to see pictures!
  4. Has anyone tried 1:48 scale 3d printing?
  5. I want to thank everyone so much for all the research you've done, and the knowledge you have! You've all been so helpful, and it's great to finally get the info on my emporium that I wanted. There are some ladies in my miniature club who knew Ron Clanton, and said his workmanship was really wonderful. All of them have marveled at this store, and now to see the actual plan & catalog for it, is just so great. Thanks again, As I get it dusted off and re-vitalized, I'll include pics. Suzi
  6. I really appreciate all the info and research from all of you. It’s even more interesting now than ever. As for this emporium, it is quite beautiful. Every store floor is inlaid. The outside entrance goes to every store and is completely finished although it never gets seen. Really amazing workmanship! Would have loved to meet some of these craftsman. Thanks again for the help!
  7. Hello....so much great info on here! I just purchased a very large Emporium store and it is Marked "Victorian Times" and build by Ron Clanton. I would like to know more about this builder, it is exquisite. I only have a photo after it was cleaned out, but waay cool! If anyone knows this man or info on him would be greatly appreciated! There is also a really Beautiful Elliot Bay House for sale at this estate also signed by him as well. Thanks in advance for any info! Suzi
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