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  1. Yu should have a great time with that house.
  2. Missed you all and wondered how the minis were going. Such nice work! I'm finally healthy and retired now. Hope to find time to complete the house that had to wait.
  3. Yes to both, and be prepared to get distracted.
  4. Hi to all old friends and looking forward to meeting the new ones since I've been gone. Lots of little projects have been done--can't wait to see them all.
  5. I did this with the Orchid, and it lasts better if you prime the base. Live and learn after picking little stones off the floor after 6 months.
  6. I had some small scale print leftover and used it in he Orchid. Still OK. I used Sobo glue.
  7. That's what I use, too, but have also used dowels, and gimping left over from reupholstery jobs.
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