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  1. I did this with the Orchid, and it lasts better if you prime the base. Live and learn after picking little stones off the floor after 6 months.
  2. Oh, is that ever cleverly done.
  3. The dining room is DONE! The wall cracks repaired, wood work painted, walls a pale sage green. Got the floor polished and pictures today, and it all took much less time than stripping the wallpaper. Next stop the bathroom. (small, wallpaper already gone.)
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a big load off. I see the GP tomorrow, cardio guy next week, and hope I'm done with doctors for a while! The wallpaper was probably lovely in 1974, but needed to be gone. The room gets a lot of sun, so I'm going with a cool color, but haven't decided between Delft blue or a very pale mossy green. This happens with the minis, too. Decisions, decisions, and I'll see a color that is totally different--choice made!
  5. The biopsy from last week's colonoscopy came back benign!! I don't have to have another for 3 whole years. I'm down to the last wall in the dining room wallpaper fiasco. Never have had such a hard slog with wall paper before. The boiler had an issue again after the $895 repair and no heat over Thanksgiving. The tech came yesterday juggled some stuff and the funky noise quit, but I used another vacation day. Got up to an 8-9" snowfall and a below zero wind chill blowing the stuff across the road. Called in chicken--everything in the county was closed except our university. (s
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