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  1. acherrera3

    Celeste's Album

    My wonderful half scale items
  2. I know this is an older post, but I did speak to Nhu last week. No pattern is ever discontinued. She sells catalogs of the wallpapers, but all you need to do is put the wallpaper number into the quick order and she will print them up for you. I just ordered paper for six rooms.
  3. acherrera3


    I love this little piece
  4. acherrera3

    study2 2019.jpg

    Where did you get that wonderful bird cage?
  5. Thank you. I am working in half scale also.
  6. I am finally working on my RGT Miniature display that has been sitting in the box for three years. I am not really seeing the patterns and colors that I would like for my wallpaper., and am thinking of making my own. For those of you who have printed your own wallpaper, what kind of paper do you use? Also, when resizing what percentage or pixel amount (verticle & horizontal) do you use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. A few more rooms. I loved the house but it was just too big and took up alot of space. I sold it to move into 1:24 scale.
  8. This is my Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse. It was 1:16 scale. I sold it to buy real dollhouses. I used my changing wallpaper trick here.
  9. So, I finally decided what colors to paint my 1:24 Little Ann Cottage. Deciding on wallpaper is another story. There are just so many to choose from. I was thinking that I would probably change the furniture quite often so why not change the wallpaper too. I'm going to paint the walls white and apply the wallpaper to cardstock that I will laminate on the back. Then to change the paper I can just use double stick tape to keep it place until it's time to change it.
  10. http://s1319.photobucket.com/user/acherrera3/library/tFor%20Sale Pictures on my Photobucket Album
  11. I am selling my 1:24 Leon Gothic Dollhouse Kit plus the shingle kit and a few extra pieces I had made. The kit was dry fit together a couple of time, but never built. This is a complete kit. Selling below retail for everything. Also a Bespaq 1:24 Hat Vanity # 1811 in New Walnut. Bespaq 1:12 Nightstand # 5051 in Walnut Items are from a non smoking home. I have references on eBay as cel9969. Please send me your zip code so I can give you a shipping cost to your location. I accept PayPal.
  12. Can't wait to see it done. You make it look so easy.
  13. Congratulations to all the nominee s. I don't officially follow them, but do have them bookmarked and read them almost daily.
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