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  1. Oh..I also have a few cottages...wanting me to smash them on the wall. Your not alone ;)


    My grandmother had a old stone and dirt floor cellar it was just about head height. As she got older she was a bit hunched over and she never seemed to mind the height. So I think your "seasoned" gal will have no issues with some :visual play: ;)


    Also I would give thought to landscaping height. Cottage on the hill...why not?  Looks like it certainy has room for a cellar and nice stone stairs about, so no rock climbing  :yes:





    I dunno, I took a break from blogging and then just wrote up all this blabber here... *smiles*



  2. I love the houses. I've done a few polymer covered birdhouses for my daughters gardens. She has decorated her large tub already, we are probably going to do a small village in one of the side flower beds since pots are filed everywhere! Lol

    I did a few micro fairy gardens in clay a bit back. I also did a placeable stone ringed garden for a customer.

    I would certainly suggest trying clay if you are going for tiny with detail but then again I ..do.. Like the clay ;)

    Micro gardens shot} http://img00.deviantart.net/2c17/i/2015/117/6/2/micro_fairy_gardens_by_minifanaticus-d7g2eds.jpg

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  3. When I had long hair, I washed it everyday with shampoo and conditioner I always used products in my hair..

    I chopped off the mane for a pixie cut and now I use a three in one men's rinse to do the whole diddy..mostly because I like the fresh scent..but only need about a palms worth for everything ;)

    I only shampoo my daughters hair every three days...she by far has the most beautiful hair in the lands, long, shiny, hand tangle free.

    I know its better for you and your hair to reduce the amount of product used, my daughter will continue with this reduced..but still washing method....but still...washing!

    I lived in Arizona when I was younger, lots of deadlocked folks smelling bad...please wash..at least once in a while..Please?

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  4. Ive seen the product, they have a few names for it.. thermomorph and umold..plastiplay..etc


    Some folks have used it for cosplay pieces pretty effectively, I thought about trying it before for fairy furniture but i think at the time it was a bit expensive.


    ..I'd try it!

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  5. I like half scale but there aren't a lot of furniture and accessories available. That said, I hope to have my own line of half scale laser cut kits available sometime in the near future, if I can get my laser cutter working!

    Ohh?? Do tell!

  6. Oh... I like to dabble in the half scale :wicked:

    I do wish they had more acessories for the accessories. Ive been searching... so far there is one set of pots..we all know about.. some cutlery sheets that make you want to go on a rampage when cutting them out and ..? not much else?

    We really need fine detail 3d printers to become a thing.. I have enough knowledge of the modeling process at this point to create them but the outsourcing of producton/ creation still leaves this as a one batch at a time process and not very cost effective.

    For now the mind and fingers are stll nible enough to create whatever folks can dream up.. but the time involved in sculpting is a difficult process...

    oh..and more 1:24th furnture kits...please!! :D

  7. I expect the orlando miniatura to be at least as large as the Philly one. They rent out each veranda and ballroom of a hotel or resort. I certainly say go!! The philly one is fantastic each year, i get good suppies and just seeing the miniature builds they do each year is wonderful!!

    My feet feel like they are about to fall off when I am done walking around so I think it big enough ;)

    I tried selling my soul to the paperclay gods once in hopes that Rik would take me under his wing and teach me all his secrets..but unfortunatly the contract was null and void and I was left sitting in my room cursing at my failures in clay...eventually you just pester your betters..*cough* Kelly..and then steal their secrets...Muahhhaaha

    Ps..did I mention that I am nuts? :bangin:


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  8. I decided on the last one I am taking a year off ;) I like many folks have so many half builds, plans and just plain work to do!

    I highly suggest if you thinking about it..to just get in there and do it. Its great if you can ping some ideas off of a few friends like Jenny, Kelly and I did. We all kept each other going!

    Also its a interesting thing to have a year long project that you kinda "have" to keep to..because we all know life gets in the way but Mini'ing is good medicine for the mind..and I suggest you always keep a dose close by :bear:

    I look forward to rooting for you all :beer:


  9. Welcome Joan!

    Its good to have you in the hobby, you have found a amazing group of talented artsits and soon to be friends here!

    I am also a "Upstater" ...glad to know there is one other person :p

    I love your curio mermaid, its a fantastic piece! I look forward to your progress on the beacon hill


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