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  1. theatre207


    What is the exterior color?
  2. Hey Rebecca, I would just search eBay, Etsy, etc. and be patient. I want antique china heads for my house and lucked up on this dapper dude on Etsy:
  3. Hello everyone! I just stumbled across this thread and boy do I have a list for Amazon!!! Do any of you recommend a good book on upholstery? I have a couple of wingback chairs I got for a song on eBay and they need to be recovered.
  4. That is beautiful, great job!!!
  5. Go to Etsy and type in vintage dollhouse dolls........there will be tons that come up, some will be pretty bad but most are great!
  6. Grazhina, I'm unable to find the rugs what would they be listed under?
  7. theatre207


    You are beautiful!
  8. theatre207

    peering inside

    Where did you find the grid for the windows?
  9. theatre207

    progress pic

    I need you to make me one of these for my castle!!!! It looks amazing and I like the shields as well.
  10. Everything you do is amazing!!
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