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  1. Hi Sarah, I'm a new member from Australia too. I actually just ordered the orchid kit last night myself and it is estimated to arrive early August... Very excited! Where in Australia are you living? I'm very keen to join a club in my area or even start one myself but not really sure where to start. I live in Sydney, out by the Blue Mountains. mini hugs to you xx
  2. Hi Leonie, I'm a member from Australia too. I live in Sydney, would love to join a club or even start one in my area but not really sure where to start. I live out by the Blue Mountains and havent met many other Australian miniaturists yet. Where abouts in Australia are you living?
  3. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes! Exiting news, I have just ordered the Greenleaf Orchid Kit and the Dura-Craft Hillsdale to add to my rainy day collection! Very excited! Has anyone had any experience building the Hillsdale kit? I can't seem to find too much on that one here... I'm guessing this is as its a Dura-Craft kit - not Greenleaf? I'm thinking I may start that one next and post some photos of my progress since there isn't much on it already. Is there a better feeling in the world than knowing there are little houses arriving in the mail any day?
  4. Hi there! Gosh I really hope I am able to continue my miniatures as soon as possible too! I live very far from family and friends so having babysitters available isn't going to be possible when I need a day to myself with my minis! So far I have mainly designed and built my own houses, not from kits. I really enjoy creating them from ideas in my head and my father is a builder by trade and I have been extremely lucky to have been taught how to use power tools by him. My workshop is full of different tools so I am very lucky! I have however built the greenleaf 'Garfield' kit which I loved, it is one of my favorites as I just love the style. I also kit bashed one of the 'spring-fling' kits and turned that into a mini 'miniature workshop'. I based the interior very much around my own workshop. I have been collecting different kits for years from all over the world, DuraCraft, Real Good Toys, corona, greenleaf but I have these kept for a rainy day that I haven't had yet had time for... I have been so busy working on houses for the kids, I have forgotten about me! That's what I am aiming to do next... Start some of these kits so I can get more experience with te different types and fill my home to the brim with gorgeous lil houses xxx
  5. Hi there, Just making a quick introduction to the wonderful team and fellow miniaturists here. I'm a 34year old female living in Sydney, Australia and have been madly in love with all things miniature since I was about 8 years old. I have built 6 houses so far but I have made most of these as gifts for my nieces and godchildren, to try to introduce them to this wonderful hobby while they are young. I am expecting my first child in 12 weeks, so I am trying to complete a build I have been working on for a nieces birthday around the same time. I really hope I can finish it in time, (without rushing too much and taking short-cuts) as I imagine once our baby arrives, my miniatures will be on hold for awhile. Anyway, that's pretty much it from me for now... Looking forward to learning and making friendships through this forum, so nice to be part of this community. Mini hugs to all, Kim xxx
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