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  1. porcelainpoppy

    PorcelainPoppy @ Etsy

    Items from my etsy and ebay store ~~~~*~~~~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/PorcelainPoppy http://www.ebay.com/usr/porcelainpoppyminiatures
  2. Quite a few new updates at both my ebay and etsy stores! Etsy coupon code "greenleafnewyear" for 10% off!
  3. If you still have the 2nd shell kit I would be curious as to the price/shipping info as well
  4. My cat LOVES trying to fit inside my dollhouse! Annoying but adorable!
  5. I LOVE that green color. It fits in perfectly with the whole long backstory I have in my head about the house
  6. I started working on my Tennyson due to a similar suggestion from my boyfriend! It was my first kit house. I really love how yours is coming together! I keep changing my mind and redoing mine so it's in quite a state of bash-up at the moment! New siding here I come!
  7. Good poll! My interest in miniatures began when I was in 5th grade. My father decided to build a dollhouse from scratch for my mum for her birthday. He worked at my elementary school so he built it in the workshop there so she wouldn't suspect. I would go in after school and help him with the simple stuff shingles, etc... When we were done, and the present was revealed I begged him to make one for me as well. My mum and I traded furniture and accessories back and forth for years! It was a wonderful family hobby!
  8. Just received this from inminiature.com: Black Friday-- Week-End Sale 3 Day Sale - Friday 11/29, Sat. 11/30, Sun. 12/1 25% to 50% off -in stock items only on these products listed below. Bespaq Furniture 50% Off -- Handley House Furniture 50% Off --Clare Bell Brass Beds 50% Off --Take a Seat Resin Furniture 50% Off -- By Barb Ceramics 50% Off -- Heidi Ott Dolls 50% Off -- Miniature Wallpaper 50% Off. CODE: BF50 Lee's Line Furniture - 25% Off In stock items only- (Does not include Upholstered Furniture) CODE: LL25 ************************************************************
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