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    hi, all, am writing to send regards to everyone from Michelle lumberjacksgurl i spoke with her last night, and she sounds very good. she and baby Ben are holding steady. they are hospitalized away from home at a distance of about 12 hours drive time, and DH was there visiting with them. for the duration, he and Alex are batchin' it back home, and Izzy is with grandparents. she says she has what she needs in her room, including music equipment and TV, and she declined my offer to send a metal file so she could cut through the bars .... so i gather she is situated fo
  2. hi, don't know whether this would be interesting or useful? there's an eBay seller in the UK called Dollhouse Trims. they have some nifty materials. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/DOLLHOUSE-TRIMS
  3. oh, deb, bless his lil heart! we're very glad that he's OK! sending many gentle pats on his ears, from gracie, sylvie and newt ************************ ps: the Katz say, "Foolish, silly mommy! Helmet, schmelmet. Just pad the house for him."
  4. this is super cool and fun, congrats on the great results! :wub:
  5. newt

    Wolfie got a

    so, how are you? i'm so sorry to learn of your fall ... girl, please stay away from those rail-free stairways, OK? REST the foot. you're already an elevated life form, so just raise that paw. you can do it! hope you're feeling better, that the tecnicolor hues are fading, and that you're on the mend, :wub: ps: yes, the doc is right, this means no bungee jumping or hang-gliding for at least another week.
  6. nice job! love that little dressing table.
  7. aw, tams, what a roller-coaster! am sending good thoughts your way, and best wishes for all to go gently and well.
  8. omg, she is really a femme formidable!! she scared me in the book, and she is even more impressive in person. wowzer!
  9. newt

    I finally did it

    it's such a fabulous piece, deb! the listing looks great, too. you want advice on listings information, eh? well, eBay sends me greeting cards. i am a bizzy lil eBayer. ok. as one virgo to another, i reckon there can't be too many ways to entice a buyer, by offering encouraging details about buying more stuff, and the nutz and boltz of the transactions. once you're launched and busy selling additional items, in the TERMS section you might include information about what sort of packaging you use (recycled is nice), whether you charge a handling fee, whether you offer com
  10. newt


    hey, nutti, congrats!! and hey, michelle! i am so very, very glad that baby's results are good. i sure do wish life were being gentler to you, and i hope you are taking loads of rest (as Alex and Izzy permit that to happen). re-siting the port mightn't be all bad, if that happens. could be easier to maintain ... but i hear ya. so, i'm thinking that maybe the little guy and i can do two thanksgivings next year: one up Yonder with you, and then one here in NC, and you all can come visit us, OK? his room is coming along well and i'll keep you posted about how the pre-school
  11. dear desperately seeking dinnerware, maybe HBS might tell you who makes these sets ... ? yours is sooooo pretty! there's an eBay auction for a similar set, blue and flowered, at number 270020132284. :wub:
  12. You go girl, C O N G R A T S!!!! yup! i know it'll be a wowzer when you've finished, and some child will know there IS a Santa Claus. :wub:
  13. :wub: !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MINI MORE!!! :yes:
  14. hey, greg, so far as i know, Tams has an Alexandria and might have pix. :angry:
  15. do cats control miniacs? yes. of course we do. in 1998 the humans searched for and bought a house based on our modest criteria: (1) minimal automobile traffic, so we may venture out in reasonable safety; (2) lots of windows, so we can see outside while indoors; (3) screened porch, so we can be indoors and outdoors at the same time; (4) a deck, so we can loll in the sun on pretty days and watch the birds; (5) various doors, so we can demand to be let in and out and in and out and in and out; (6) that random stuff for the humans, like a roof and walls
  16. newt


    oh, my! she's at home and looking Mahvelous, dahlings! congrats on the creation of this wonderful setting and lady.
  17. well, of course he can! and Deb, he's brilliant, as is the entire scene. fine work!!!
  18. hey, gina, belated congrats!!! i hear ya -- reunion can be a very special thing. hugz to your glencroft and you,
  19. this is as bad as the Truth or Dare game .... ok, True Confessions: my Newberg is sulking because i'm fixated on the Tiffani and Pierce, both of whom are projects for some little folk. i feel guilty. this is absurd, but i do. Miss Tiff is a bit of a Camille type, very moody. She is always about to faint or cry if she doesn't get exactly what she wants ... but she keeps changing her mind. it is making me nuts. Fortunately the Pierce (actually she's an Annabelle) is fairly easy-going, except for being very demanding about her living room. All together, i've probably spent
  20. welcome back! glad to know you're settling in well, and enjoying your new place and Tigger the gift cat. sounds as though you're in a really lovely area. hope you'll have more sweet visitor critters!
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