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    Id leave it, this house is wonderful
  2. NanF.

    The kitchen

    Your house is beautiful
  3. NanF.

    Faerie bed

    Love, love your work
  4. I'm outside buffalo...north thankfully however just down the road couple miles got 5 feet! Round #2 tonight...the North towns this time...everything is shut down, travel bans, schools shut down tomorrow will be 3 days. 7 deaths have been reported. I'm getting back in bed and try to ride this out
  5. Welcome to the forums I'm from upstate too
  6. NanF.


  7. The 2nd edition I got for 30 on craigs list, only missing a door pin The 1st edition needs a lot of work...but am looking forward to it. I'll keep an eye out to see if you start yours too.
  8. I haven't started my farmhouse yet...and then I stumbled on the earlier model for 20 at a yard sale...at least my BH is done. I can't wait to get started on the farmhouse, but I watch 3 grandkids all day so haven't had time. Karin, you know you want one <insert evil laugh>
  9. Sorry to hear, I will be sending prayers, and hoping he feels better soon.
  10. NanF.


    your house is looking great
  11. I would add a window there also, if I did another. Your house is looking great!
  12. NanF.


    Thank you That sure is what it looks like.
  13. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

    Inside not much is done except some wood flooring in the first floor. It came with a few room dividers thankfully not glued in.
  14. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

    Side with the door. I love the porch.
  15. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

    Yard sale find, only 20.00 Does anyone know what house this is? It is HUGE not very heavy though. A lot of work to do but I think this will be a fun rehab. Windows need replaced, a lot of paint.
  16. I have built the BH would make a very cool haunted house...I also thought you could almost turn it into Norman Bates house??
  17. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

  18. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

  19. NanF.


    From the album: Farm House

    Put the horses in to see if they like the new place.
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