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  1. KateMcClellan


    Hi, This is a beautifully done home. Love it. Did you buy treads for your stairs? I was thinking of buying treads and trying to make the included staircase look good - but I am having trouble finding a source for them. Thanks!
  2. I love the scrapbook paper idea. I did find the perfect prints in my stash. Saves a lot of money too. Now for my next roadblock - the wiring. I applied all the wire tape to the house - test the main piece and it is working. I now have to insert the brads into the junctions. I tried for about a half hour yesterday and walked away very frustrated. What kind of tools do you all use to get those tiny brads pushed into the tape? I tried plyers - too big. The videos make it look so simple....not so much.
  3. That is such an easy solution. LOL. I guess I am in the forest and cannot see the trees. I didn't even think to wrap over the front edge. Thank you, thank you!!!
  4. Hello! I sat down tonight to map out the wiring. I watched the video for the upteenth time - and suddenly I realized that because there is no stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floors, I have no way to get the wiring tape up there. Can anyone provide some ideas for how to wire that third floor? I have thought of cutting out a stairwell because it does drive me a bit crazy that there is no staircase to the third floor, however I do not have any power tools. LOL. As always, I appreciate any all advice from you seasoned professionals!!!
  5. Thank you so much! They are truly a joy to make. Puts my bead box to great use!
  6. Hi, I have just begun to build my first full dollhouse. I alternate between working on the house and collecting miniature delights to fill it with when at last it is done. I began making miniature perfume bottles and now have amassed a pretty big collection LOL. Decided to put them up for sale - a way of funding my new hobbie Each little lovely is created from sparkling Swarvoski crystal beads, gorgeous glass beads and metal findings - most accented with Swarvoski crystals as well. They look amazing in person - it is hard to catch their sparkle on film. I have them listed at E
  7. Here is a picture of how the stairs will look - the bannister is not on yet. As you can see, just one piece of furniture in the room leaves little room. Because I have not put together a dollhouse before, maybe this is normal. As I begin to acquire the furniture that states is is for 1:12 houses, I think they are too big. Is this how it supposed to look?
  8. I do not think I can cut it narrower. I do not have any power tools. I believe the visual issue is also that the risers are steep - if I would have thought about that in the beginning, I could have trimmed those down and then added to the base of the staircase to make up the difference or added additional steps. I will load a picture of them so you can see visually what I see.
  9. Hi! Well, it has been about 3 weeks and I thought I would share my progress. The next step today is to wire the house and then I am going to shop for a new staircase. I think the one that comes stock is just too wide. Maybe there is not a narrower one - but it takes up so much space in that room. I spent so much time on the stair treads...sanding and staining them - and then when I placed in the house I felt they overtake the space. Anyway - here is where I am now:
  10. Well, I have two stories up. The wood floors are down and now I am struggling with what to do with the walls. I look at wallpaper and it all seems so big for this house. Plus its pricey. I did lose my senses for about 2 weeks and began purchasing furniture kits by the wazoo. Darn that Ebay!! Today I received the baseboards and crown moulding and the little kitchen. My granddaughter is loving this entire project so much. To see her face each time I finish a piece - its priceless and I am so glad that I jumped in and started this. If anyone knows of a good add on for the Tennyson,
  11. The instructions that came with this house did not state to use hot glue. And I have followed them exactly -which is why I have finished window trim. The glue that was recommended to me by someone was Aileens Tacky. It has worked great and held well. I will try the hair dryer on it and see if I can pry off the trim. Thank you for your advice!!
  12. I love your work on this. Were the doors hard to install? I was thinking of trading out mine as well as I really would prefer a more finished looking door - I don't like the pressed wood seams and no amount of sanding has fixed it. Do you mind sharing where you purchased them? Thank you!
  13. Well, I finally opened the box about a week ago - on the 4th of July - and began the journey. I have spent the whole of my vacation sanding, painting, staining all the little bits and bobs for window trims, the doors and the stairs. I love how beautiful the stair treads finished. I will upload pictures this weekend of my progress. I was feeling very good and then I came across the blog "More Minis" and in this amazing site, they state that the window trims should not be put on before the walls are finished. Yikes. I have been following the instruction paper and I have already moun
  14. Hi Nan! Nice to meet you. I think that I will end up buying Beacon Hill again in a couple of months. I just saw it on Overstock for about $150. I think that is what I paid for it on Ebay all those years ago. I am impressed that you can take a house and change it up. I wish I had that talent. I saw the Tennyson that Robin Carey did and she moved the staircase - which makes so much sense when you look at her finished house. AND she moved doors, added doors and windows. Yikes. This house (the Tennyson) will be for my granddaughter. When I do the Beacon Hill it will be f
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