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  1. Hi, I've got a secondhand Beacon Hill kit sealed in box and was going to cut it open to do a dry fit. However, I'm very slowly trying to finish a Willowcrest first. So instead of opening the BH, can someone tell me the height of the ceilings in the upper rooms? I've got a few canopy beds that never seem to fit in dollhouse kits but I'm hoping they might fit in this one.

  2. Here's the mockup. (Thanks for the uploading instructions). Sorry, the door looks so faint. I was going to try that window and just replace the top portion with a single divider. My boyfriend is a bit keen on trying to make something too.


  3. I can't figure out how to upload a picture from my computer, <sigh>. And now I can't link to the door on miniatures.com or pinterest but it's the alexander gate/door. Right now I'm only needing to source one window.

  4. I like that first door :)

    It's actually a fairly small townhouse - I was going to have two floors and an attic/roof. There's a fancy door at miniatures.com that I would like for the ground floor. Then a fairly simple door/large window with a railing or balcony above it. The dormer I want for the roof is the Lawbre oeil de bouef. I made a mockup but it's not to scale (now I just have to figure out how to post it). I had fancier versions but my sister keeps telling me to keep it simple.

    Maybe something like this?


  5. Hi, I'm starting plans for 1:12 French/Parisian townhouse and am looking for suitable windows. I've seen some Lawbre ones that are nice but they don't open. Do people recommend using doors instead of windows? Any idea where I could find French windows or doors with an arch?


  6. There are some great links on here! I went to a miniature show yesterday and loved some of the quarter scale houses. So as a beginner, are some kits easier than others? Petite properties note some are basic and some intermediate, for example. I was thinking about trying one of these:






    Also, is it worth it to spend more on assembled furniture?

  7. The plastic inserts are missing. I have a bunch of wood trim in a box and I'm pretty sure the window trim is in there. I was also thinking I could try to find stained glass inserts. However, not all the lower windows are the same size and it might be odd with them all stained glass with different patterned ones on top.

  8. Hello, I'm wondering what to do - I bought a Coventry Cottage off craigslist so it was assembled and needs some finishing touches before decorating. The woman I bought it off of gave me a box of materials but no windows. The upstairs windows were installed but I need to find ones/make ones for the main floor. Anyone know where I can get some replacement windows? I did some online searching but can't seem to find ones with that pattern. Thanks for any advice!

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