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  1. Awww! So cute! My dog is from a high kill shelter, only given 10 days and then that is the end for them. So glad you are giving this little cutie a home. What is his name?
  2. Don't have a tutorial. I think if you just hold up a piece of plastic canvas to the picture that I posted at the beginning of this thread - you might be able to see where I made the cuts. On the vertical bars I cut some of the horizontal bars closer to the vertical ones - that left just small nubs sticking out. On the top vertical bars I left the horizontal bars a little longer. Just use really small scissors - like for manicure type or embroidery type scissors.
  3. Lawyer's offices - yep - that is what is happening in New London. The other part is that what were once beautiful neighborhoods with the big Queen Anne houses are now not in such good neighborhoods. For some reason, the houses were turned into multi-family and now seem to be run down, or in high crime areas with drug deals on every corner. It would be hard to pour a lot of money into a house and then have to have 24 hour police protection in order to live there. I feel like I am in the minority of wanting to save a few pieces of history. It does not seem to be as important to people like
  4. That is what I worry about with this house. This one might get passed the point of being able to be rehabbed and it will be torn down and the parts will be sold separately. Plus - the city of New London has a high tax rate. They say the house is appraised at close to $400,000, which would be close to $9,000 per year in taxes. New London has a lot of churches, synagogues, museums, large hospital and the Coast Guard - all of them do NOT pay taxes. So then the burden falls on the homeowners. I've seen so many houses with lots of history getting torn down. Such a shame.
  5. Same here! If I were 30 years younger and had about a half million $$$'s, I would buy it and do it up right. I might even keep that stove, too!
  6. I love the dumb waiter, too! The raised panels on the doors are great. Saving that picture for future dh reference.
  7. This house is forsale in the next town over from us. It is huge and only selling for $135,000, but you would probably need that much more just to rehab the exterior. It is totally original - woodwork, stained glass windows and yes - even the kitchen stove from 1889!!! When you click on the link and you see the picture of the house - then click on "view larger" and all the pictures will come up and you can see them as you use the arrow on the right of the picture. I want to save a few of these for use on a dh sometime in the future. The fireplaces and details in this house are amazing
  8. Been only able to get on here a few minutes a day. Real life can really be difficult at times. I have not worked on my RGT build-along for about a month. Looking forward to getting back at it today!
  9. Great idea for a blog - and to be able to interact with your family so far away. I've bookmarked the blog and will be looking forward to following along with your progress.
  10. We go to Manassas, Virginia to see our youngest son - we live in Connecticut - and it is just more driving than I like to do! Hate the bridges in New York and the traffic. Flying is definitely the way to go!
  11. Too funny! Just love the whole scene!
  12. I've been away a lot lately. Trying to catch up - what a nice surprise to see that you got this chance! Congratulations! Are you driving from Florida to Maine? If you need a stop over in Connecticut - let me know. Our house is only a few minutes off of I-95 north. You are so talented already, what you will learn there will really perfect your skills!
  13. What am I missing? Went to the store, clicked on 2013 Spring Fling and they are calling it the tea house from 2012? Is it that little house with a front door and windows on each side?
  14. With the mat board, just have a sharp knife, a good ruler and start cutting! I used wood glue on my pieces. Just follow step by step with Kris' instructions and you should be fine. Once you get going - you'll see how easy it really is.
  15. Kris' patterns are pretty simple, so I'm sure scaling them down would work well.
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