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  1. Awww! So cute! My dog is from a high kill shelter, only given 10 days and then that is the end for them. So glad you are giving this little cutie a home. What is his name?
  2. Been only able to get on here a few minutes a day. Real life can really be difficult at times. I have not worked on my RGT build-along for about a month. Looking forward to getting back at it today!
  3. Wow! A lot of work, but well worth the effort!
  4. Patsea


    Nice job! What a cute kitchen! Love the stove, too.
  5. Patsea


    LOL! Yep - good thinking, Ken! Great idea.
  6. Patsea

    Pink and Orange.

    Very "girly" and just perfect for a little girl!
  7. This could not have come out any more perfect than what you did. Wonderful!
  8. Sorry you've been so sick. Pneumonia takes awhile to get over and finally get feeling like you have some spunk again. We'll be looking forward to pictures once you start catching up!
  9. I love what you have done with the build-along! So cute with the bike and I love the flowers. I'm working on my build-along also, but I am so sloooow!
  10. Thanks, Chris! I am having fun with this. This RGT build along is really just an experimental house for me. Since I have never built a dh - there are so many things I wanted to try out on it. It is coming along the way I had pictured it in my head when I first saw the kit. Now I just have to practice making people to the 1:24 scale. I keep making the heads too big!
  11. It really looks terrific! Love looking at your pictures.
  12. Looks great! Will be looking forward to how you landscape this.
  13. Patsea

    The Maker

    Legs are always helpful! Cute!
  14. I just used an old pair of scissors to cut with. I tried a craft knife, but for some reason it caused way too much chipping. I cut when the spackle was pretty dry, but not quite all the way. It still had a "cold" feeling too it. Not sure how to explain that. I left one sheet uncut until it was dry all the way and that was more brittle for cutting, but the shingles still came out okay.
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