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  1. i hope the spring fling is little this year. maybe 1/48 scale. I'm running out of room here.
  2. yay the spring fling is going to happen. I was worried it wasn't this year.
  3. yay I have walls glued to floors, now have to put the ceiling/roofs on. 2 parts done, ______ parts more to go. then the outside, then the furniture. why can i never keep it simple.
  4. I'm finishing up the main front door. Have finished 2 more windows and both staircases are in. But i still have to glue the walls to the floor. this bit worries me. its like have I done everything. once its glue together its done, well not done finished there is plenty more to do.
  5. i have nearly finished Part 1 of of the fling only ______ more parts to go. It funny, I think yep thats all done and can go together and then oh no I got that bit to do first and maybe that would be easier to do with out the roof on. so the work continues. here is some encouragement for everyone. "yeah yeah you can do it"
  6. Yes. i love being able to see the building come together.
  7. There sure are a lot of doors and windows going on for 1 room build..... but then if you added a few floors and walls and changed the scale to .... maybe 1/24 there would be more room for doors and windows .. if you went smaller again to 1/48 scale i think you could have a castle of sure.
  8. the window game hey. i have 6 windows .... so far, 3 doors and 2 staircase.
  9. its good to know some one else's wont be recognizable as the original kit. i was concerned about that. if it did not have the same basic shape as the base kit. oh well it is to later now any way.
  10. cut more holes in the spring fling last night. its starting to look like a piece of swiss cheese. its so hard getting everything to line up nice. so far its all held together with masking tape.
  11. selkie: you complain away. when you need the things you want them right away. i cant wait for a matter transporter to be invented, that should cut down on waiting time. Anna: sound very interesting
  12. yay for the weekend. get ready spring fling I'm coming for you. (saw and drill in hand)
  13. but how can a 1/12 scale basic one room building need so many sets of stairs?
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