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  1. This is a wonderful fairytale castle! It has all the grandeur and mystery needed for Beauty and the Beast.
  2. EAB

    Front Angle Almost doneWEB

    This is just an absolutely gorgeous house. I want to live here.
  3. April, your Beacon Hill is breathtaking! Emily, I think you've made a wise choice. I agree with Holly and Kathie that simpler is better. Sounds like your little white couch will be perfect.
  4. God. Literally. Playfully, books and doll stuff. And, Southern Girl, I understand your answer only too well. For years I would have agreed with you, but now sweet tea has taken over.
  5. They do that. They just slide under your mouse and pull your finger down to make it click "buy." Often you aren't even aware of it. But, as you point out, next month is next week, so if they aren't delivered until then, won't that count? I would think so. Definitely.
  6. EAB

    1000 Walnut Street

    This is amazing! How in the world do you handle that? I have trouble with 1:12 with my big clumsy hands. MOST impressive.
  7. AmyD, I'm constantly working on not losing my mind. I have a feeling it isn't going too well. I'm working on a Duracraft gazebo that I'm modifying into a fairy home. It's nothing like my elf house. I should post some progress pictures, probably. That would give me a kick where it matters to speed up the process.
  8. EAB


    I love the green! It's a perfect color.
  9. This looks wonderful.
  10. EAB


    I am in love with this house!
  11. EAB

    Bakery Interior

    This is soooo pretty!
  12. EAB

    minty chair

    Love this house. And the elephant is adorable.
  13. EAB

    new fabric

    This is lovely.
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