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  1. Such a cute house, great buy!!
  2. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, my sweet mother-in-law passed away somewhat unexpectedly. She was the best m-in-law anyone could ever ask for, and the kindest lady I have ever known. We will miss her dearly. Thank you all for the advice! I have been missing my minis, they help me relax and unwind. At least one wedding will be over this coming week. I would love a career change, I have been in customer service since I was 14. I will retire in a few years and will need to supplement my income, so maybe wedding planning will be the thing. Minis will definitely be a part of the plan, too. Lawanda, "no" is a word I struggle with on a regular basis, lol! I've been brought up in the service industry, and "no" just isn't part of the vocabulary. I do need to start redirecting the conversation, though! I definitely need some "me" time. Thank you all for the advice, it feels so good to be back on the forum again! And I can hear those houses calling me again... ;0)
  3. Hi, all, I haven't been on in awhile, busy planning three weddings (one for a friend and two for my children). The first one went off without a planning hitch in January, second one is in a couple weeks, third one is not until next February, thank goodness! I have not worked on any minis since last November as my shop has been taken over by tulle, centerpieces, lanterns, ribbon, pearls, and everything else "wedding". Of course none of the brides have even close to similar styles, so almost nothing can be re-used, but I am now considering a full-time career change! Did I mention we also catered the first one? My question to you all is this - how do I make time for my mini passion? I really miss working on my houses! Do I wait and hope things calm down, or do I carve out some time just for mini making? I think my sanity is slipping a bit right now (did I mention my company now wants me to travel internationally? AARRGGHH!) I am looking for some words of wisdom from the wonderful members of this Forum. :0)
  4. So glad you are back, Steve! I love your rocking horses and I am always sorely tempted when you offer one for sale. :0)
  5. I absolutely love the Faith Bradford house! Reading about the house and the family that occupied it encouraged me to create stories for my own houses. Now I can visualize the story before the house is even built! Thanks for sharing, Kathi!
  6. NOOOOO! Not another one! I hope this is just to make room in the portfolio for another wonderful house...
  7. I had to do some thinking on that bay window myself. It'll probably come right to you in the middle of the night... :0)
  8. Hi, Scott, and welcome! The Fairfield is a lovely house and I can't wait to build mine, but there are a few other houses in my shop that are screaming for attention first. That miniature bug bites HARD, lol! Please keep us updated on your progress, and we always love pictures...
  9. Hi, Mary, and welcome! I would be grumpy, too, if I missed our yearly show. So few brick and mortar stores around (we have one in the entire state). Glad you've joined us!
  10. Amy, my grandson is 8 and absolutely loves putting together and painting miniature furniture. I know this is a little younger than the students who will be in your class, but it they are attracted to miniatures they will have fun with just about anything. Maybe you can get a hardware store to donate wood, or perhaps a miniature store could donate a small house kit if you decide to build an entire house. You've gotten alot of good advice, can't wait to see what you decide to do!
  11. There are some great tutorials on youtube that you might find helpful. I also had problems with brads until I bought a special tool for starting the holes. Since then it's been great! I also recently saw a tutorial with eyelets and solder, which I am going to try on my next project. My houses are a combination of tape wire and battery operated lights. You can also run the single outlet wires under your baseboards and plug them all in to a little power strip thing, which looked pretty easy for front-opening houses. Check youtube, and good luck from someone who has been in similar shoes with those pesky brads. ;0)
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