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  1. Hi Holly, I have put on the canvas roof but it is still not fixed as I want to see what it looks like when the roof is finished but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Yes I will make them the same as the one on the front porch as they are colourful and will relieve the monotony of the bare wall. By reinforcing the rails with the extra pieces I will be able to make sure that this 30 year old kit ( which is rather fragile) stays the course. There is also a coach light and a plaque to put in place when it is finished and my daughter has given me some wire, high backed chairs and tables so it should a lot less stark.
  3. .t Thank you so much for you comment it is much appreciated. This is my winter occupation (my family call it my enthusiasm) and I am hoping to complete it before the summer comes to halt my passion.
  4. Thank you so much for your kind words it really is appreciated. I can only do one dollhouse as I am living in Crete it is difficult to make them and when they are done I have nowhere to keep them.
  5. Yes it is just about the same size as the kitchen below as I have already redesigned that
  6. Joyrene10

    Bathroom papered

    Thank you Selkie it did take a bit of thinking about
  7. Sorry everyone I have finally figured out how to get the photos into the gallery and spent a very pleasant raining afternoon doing the job!
  8. Well I am well advanced with the project now but cannot remember how to upload all the photos that I have taken. Please can somebody help me, I must be getting old, but It was nearly 2 years ago that I set up the gallery and I do have a new computer with windows 8 loaded and I am having great difficulty learning how to use that!!!!!!
  9. Hi Holly, I was going to do the shingles for the top floor but got diverted my not knowing what to do about the doors as I wanted them to open but the hinges that I had for the doors were to big. I finally decided to try and make them into sliding doors as this would take up much less room on the balcony, hence two weeks of trial and error but I have finally found a solution. This will entail making a false wall to cover the internal runners that I have fitted to the outside wall and so I have found in my stationery shop in the town a congregated card in brown that is quite stiff and Ideal f
  10. Sorry I keep calling it the primrose and I really mean the Buttercup!!!
  11. Reel The sort that comes when you overdo the whisky
  12. Thanks Mike, It is nice here at the moment with temperatures about 25 degrees and little wind. The housing market is slow but I hope will pick up in the near future. Many possible house purchasers do take to looking at the websites during the winter months, and there are some very good bargains now that the prices have dropped. The dry run is coming together and I am now trying to make up my mind whether to shingle the top floor exterior walls as I have shingles left over from the Primrose that I did before but if I do this I cannot decide how to finish off the roof sections bearing in mind
  13. Hi Mike, good to hear that your health problem is manageable and that you will now repost all your work as I have never seen it. I come to UK every year to visit my family from here in Crete and love going round the miniature shops in London and Surrey. I had my two Corona kits for 20 years before I finally started them when I retired out here in 2002 although I did not start them until 2012 and I am still on the second one but life is so busy and I do not know how I ever found time to work in the UK. I wish now that I had found this forum when I first started as I feel that I would not have
  14. This does sound very exciting, and I wish I had your confidence. I started with a small house the Corona Primrose and made so many mistakes and vowed never to try and paint internal and external walls again. The finished house was sent off to the UK via a friend who was driving their car and they took it to the Red Cross charity shop where it fetched 50 pounds for the charity. I am much happier with the Maggie that I am now building and having fun kit-bashing it to make a bathroom up stairs under the eaves. I think you are right to go for your first choice especially at that wonderful price
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