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  1. This house is inspired by Anthropologie(the store). This is Rella's little doll Musette's future home.
  2. You make adorable minis!
  3. Thanks everybody! The Primrose is my hands down favorite for kit bashing.
  4. I love sharing anything I know. If you ever want to know how I did something feel free to ask. : )
  5. I love sticking one somewhere in there! LOL! I'm so glad you came to look at them. Thank you!
  6. The ivy is in the floral bush section. The other one with the tiny leaves is in the garland section. The Ivy is $9.99 - your 40% coupon it comes out to $6. I cut the ends off and they are ready to be hot glued on.
  7. cinderellamoments

    Reverie Cottage

    I made this cottage using the Primrose kit and switching it around. I have more pictures on my blog: www.cinderellamoments.com
  8. I think adding a bike makes a dollhouse adorable! Your house is gorgeous!
  9. I love the picture of the fat mouse! This whole entry is gorgeous! Great wallpaper choice too.
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