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  1. Sandie Mc

    My Fairfield.jpg

    Love the siding and the shingles are a great touch. I have just received my Fairfield and am considering how to do it - looking at every single one I can find. It certainly makes a difference to have such lovely flooring in the house too. This house will be just lovely.
  2. Sandie Mc


    It looks wonderful!
  3. Did you even get a chance to furnish it lol? You've done a wonderful job of your Fairfield, it looks great
  4. I really like the wallpaper you have used. Could you please tell me where to source it?
  5. It is lovely. I see a website is mentioned but no name is given that I can find. Could you say again what it is please - the shabby chic style is so gorgeous.
  6. Sandie Mc


    Great effort! I've made a heap of books in 1:12th scale, and 1:48th scale - now I have to work out 1:24th scale I love the variety of covers, sizes and shapes of your books. They add such interest to the bookcase and to the room.
  7. Sandie Mc


    You've added some lovely details to the house. I too love the trim in the archway
  8. Sandie Mc

    Lamp off

    I've just received my Fairfield kit and I love the changes you have made - my mind is brimming with ideas. The stairs look wonderful where you have put them. I'll have to do a dry fit and experiment.
  9. Sandie Mc

    Tulip light

    The lamp looks really effective. Great job.
  10. Sandie Mc


    This has turned out beautifully. Sandie Mc
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