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  1. Hello, Shellie has this house for sale now. She just listed it in her email newsletter for $5,000 OBO. I've seen it and it's huge and lovely. Out of my price range at the moment.
  2. The whole house is beautiful. I love everything about it! -Jenny
  3. HI Erin! I love Re-Ment too. Scale-wise it's mostly closer to 1:6 playscale, but I don't let that stop me. Some of the foods are really easy to mix in, like fish, breads, baked goods. There are also other great brands that are similar to Rement like Megahouse, Bandai, T is for Candy...EBay is a good place to track those down. Enjoy! Jenny
  4. A while back I was looking at some of those roomboxes. One of the ebay sellers had links to some Youtube-like videos (it was not actually Youtube). The videos were all in Chinese, but it was clear enough to see what you needed to do. I have no clue who that seller was and I didn't bookmark the channel. Maybe try searching to see what you're getting in to?
  5. jennymoomeow


    It is unusual, but if you don't have a huge collection, or maybe just want to show a few select pieces then it would be perfect. I can definitely see the appeal.
  6. Hi Briana! I'm going to the San Jose show. I've been dying to go for years, and this time I'm going with a brand new baby in tow! I just reserved the hotel room using the group rate...don't forget to do that. It's $100 less per night than any other online site I found. I'm also planning on doing the coppersmithing workshop. It looks pretty good!
  7. Hi Holly, I sent you a PM about the house. Jenny
  8. Please share when you can It's always fun to see how things turn out for different people.
  9. I think have one of these hiding in a closet. I'll take a look tonight.
  10. MDF is rough on saws. Definitely use power tools, do it outside, and wear a mask so you don't sniff the saw dust.
  11. Hi Lilith, I have made both houses by GL and RGT. As mentioned before the GL houses are thinner plywood, but the tab-slot construction can be awkward if they are cut slightly off. The RGT houses come in smooth or milled MDF or plywood. They are heavy! I like a lot of the RGT houses just for their design. Both have their pros and cons. I've been making houses for my kids and it really comes down to sturdiness for me. The heavy RGT house is going to stay on the table for my daughter (who can be a bit rough). It won't get knocked over and broken trim like my Willowcrest. Good luck choosing
  12. Hi Emily, another thing you can try is to paint the wall a base color then glue crumpled tissue paper on top. I'm using this to simulate stucco on my modern house build. I made sure to have big creases but it's easy to smooth it more to look closer to textured drywall. I used Mod Podge so it has some light sheen, but you could easily apply flat interior latex paint on top if you want. Here's an example from my build. Good luck!
  13. Yes, any info on Jack Chasteen would be appreciated. I bought a lovely signed half scale bed on Ebay a while back. It's just the frame so I'll have to come up with bedding. But it looks like really good wood, maybe cherry or light mahogany or some exotic that is in that color family.
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