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  1. Hello, Shellie has this house for sale now. She just listed it in her email newsletter for $5,000 OBO. I've seen it and it's huge and lovely. Out of my price range at the moment.
  2. The whole house is beautiful. I love everything about it! -Jenny
  3. jennymoomeow

    Red cottage

    The Duracraft Lafayette house made patriotic
  4. jennymoomeow

    Mini Stitches

    Cross-stitch projects for the dollhouses
  5. Progress on building my daughter's dollhouse, the RGT Victoria's Farmouse
  6. jennymoomeow


    My first dollhouse, the Willowcrest.
  7. jennymoomeow

    Artist's workshop

    Roombox for my sister
  8. jennymoomeow

    Annika's Orchid

    Built for my niece
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