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  1. Fusionera

    Beacon Hill Mark I and II

    This album chronicles the recreation of my original Beacon Hill Dollhouse that I constructed in the 80s while in HS. I am starting over with a new kit, same color scheme, but the house will not get beaten up like my first one did!
  2. Hi Gonzo - I ordered it from a seller here in CA: DBJ Miniatures in Chino. I also bought embossed copper ceiling paper for the kitchen from them; that stuff is gorgeous! I am still working on the kitchen wallpaper (just ran out of mucilage tonight!), so I will post pictures when I finish.
  3. I have a photo of one of my cats with her head sticking out the front door of my original Beacon Hill. I called Her "Catzilla"! The one I am building now (Beacon Hill Mark II) is a cat-free zone and will continue to be so upon completion. I am getting a piece of plexiglass cut for the back so I can reduce the dust. I have also been asked to show this house at a church event next Spring, so I will need that plastic back to ensure that the contents of my house are not "rearranged" so to speak.
  4. BIG CONGRATULATIONS! I will be anxious to see your work as you go throught their program.
  5. I have done most of the skinny stick floors for my Beacon Hill, but I am wondering if anyone else who has done this type of flooring used some kind of a pre-stain treatment or seal to ensure the sticks absorbed the stain evenly. If so, what did you use? Thanks for your help! Johanna
  6. Holly - yes, the Woodsies I purchased are the flat-ended ones. I simply did not want to deal with round-ended ones and cutting them all the time. I am so glad I got them in quantity so I can finish these floors...and have enough leftover to start my next build.
  7. It seems with summer I was having a hard time finding skinny sticks to do my flooring; every Walmart in my area was out of Woodsies (specifically the 5.75" long 1/4" wide sticks). I wanted to let everyone know that I found a really good site that carries them regularly. I've placed a couple of orders with them and they are fast and reliable. They also don't gouge for shipping - shipping costs are reasonable. I ordered them from www.createforless.com. I had significantly underestimated the number of sticks I would need to do this project. I am so grateful I was able to order them in quantity. I hope this helps for those who are on the hunt for them!
  8. Can't you just see this in an elegant jazz club? Being such a passionate lover of this music, I can't wait to see the project develop.
  9. Fusionera

    Jo's Jazz Joint!

    After I finish my Beacon Hill I am creating my fantasy build from scratch: an elegant jazz club, somewhere between Ronnie Scott's (London) and Yoshis (Oakland, CA)
  10. Does anyone here subscribe to a print magazine about dollhouses and miniatures? If so, what do you recommend as the best one to which I should subscribe? Thanks!
  11. Fusionera


    Love the SlimFast next to the Pop Tarts! LOL
  12. Fusionera


    This is amazing, Angie. I hope I can make my BH as half as good as this looks! I love the idea of leaving the porch off. It gives a different look to the house - very sophisticated.
  13. I did not have a chance to go exploring in London for miniatures when I was there a few months back. I will put that on my list for next time. :-)
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