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  1. Thinking of you Holly! Glad you weren't directly in Ida's path. I got the Pfizer shot, and the 2nd one took me down for a whole day and half. I got the shot at noon and woke up the next day and my entire body hurt, had a headache and slept on and off all day long. My daughter who is 34 had the same reaction, but my son-in-law had NO reaction whatsoever. We all 3 got Pfizer.
  2. Link to events: https://3blindmiceshow.com/index.php I'm headed to Orlando in a few weeks to go to this show - August 21, 2021. I've never been before, has anyone else? I'd like to go to the Tampa one too. SHOWS for 2021: Orlando May 7 - 8, 2021 Orlando Miniature + Craft show Aug 21, 2021 Tampa October 16, 2021 Orlando Dec 4, 2021 See the link above for locations, etc.
  3. I line up individual shingles in a row on masking tape and glue down entire rows at a time, leaving the masking tape in place. Then I clamp scrap wood on it to flatten it out. If I'm in a spot where there's no place to clamp, then I use a large ziploc bag full of heavy stones to weigh down the scrap wood. I wait about 5-10 mins between rows for the glue to set in place. Once it's set, I carefully remove the masking tape and start the next row. I have found that once I start - I have to finish. All glue's are wet, so it makes thin shingles warp, so I have to finish the entire roof section so that each ascending row helps to flatten the row below it. Some sections still look warped (the sections that I used too much glue on) but once they completely dry they flatten back out on their own naturally.
  4. Personally, I can't just "wing it". I have to sketch it out first. I have a large spiral notebook I've been sketching in for years. I sketch out floor plans, designs, color schemes, ideas, etc and also keep a log of color codes, brands, favorite websites, vendors, eBay sellers etc. I make all kinds of notes, sketch out furniture designs I can make myself, log measurements for frequently used items, and I keep a log of the actual measurements for every house I've built. I also keep a separate folder/binder with all the original Assembly Instructions and Schematics for every kit I have. (I have them all scanned too in PDF format in case anyone ever needs them) When I'm getting ready to do a house I use a photo of the front and convert it to a "coloring book" style photo, print it out and then use colored pencils to try different color schemes. I suppose I could do that on my computer but I prefer the colored pencils LOL. They're just a guide though, I mix all my own colors then sample them on wood. I don't know how anybody else does it - but I have to have the entire house planned and designed before I even start building. I do all my wallpaper/paint for every floor, wall and ceiling - interior and exterior - prior to assembly.
  5. Island-Shack

    Tennyson - Mia's House

    I built this for a young girl, she picked out the colors. She will finish it off with her own fun decorations and furniture, etc. (1:12 scale)
  6. Cute Beacon Hill - looks to be in good shape, and it's only $80. If it sits there much longer I may have to go rescue it. Especially because its a blank slate inside, nothing to strip/replace. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/347988010217447/
  7. Welcome from SW Florida! I recently purchased both the Greenleaf Village kits and the Greenleaf Town kits. So far the only one I've made was the mini Brimbles Mercantile (so I could match it to my 1:12 scale Brimbles). In the meantime I've been collecting quarter scale items so that when I go back to them I'll have lots of options for decorating. Quarter scale is so much easier than 1:12, and super cute!
  8. Really an awesome looking house, lots of unique details. The shingle work is amazing - I wonder what kind of material that is. And whats going on here with the siding?
  9. This Beaumont was done pretty well, but it's seen better days so not quite worth $11,760.00 LOL. The listing says they ship too - can't image how much that would cost! https://www.ebay.com/itm/324107740987?hash=item4b7653a73b:g:EfMAAOSwktpectO-
  10. Oh yay! I'd love to know too. Thanks for all that research.
  11. I just hope whoever bought it consulted someone about any value and didn't just trash it all :-( I can't imagine what kind of tiny treasure you can't see in the pics. I lost count on just the houses alone, but they're definitely vintage so the minis must be too.
  12. I wouldn't mind having a Barrington either. I've had that eBay listing in my watch list for a while - I don't want to pay that for an opened box kit, plus the box itself is in crappy shape and I keep all my kit boxes while I'm building to store the sheets, etc. in them. I know some sellers (not in the hobby) want to open the boxes and display the contents, but I really wish they wouldn't LOL.
  13. Beautifully done! I spy a rubber ducky too
  14. Here's an Americana for $8K ...not completely finished and has no doors! Looks pretty on the outside though. I do see a Bodo Hennig stove but....$8000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/315875073259083?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A611d4959-4ae2-4bbd-8bc2-108b5e266c32
  15. Hi Michael, I just sent you a PM with the instructions :-)
  16. Welcome! I'm obsessed with the Brookwood's - yours is fabulous! Very well done. Looking forward to seeing your other builds too.
  17. My box arrived today - totally legit! Brand new in the box, still with the plastic wrapper on it. I'm so happy right now. I know you guys know the feeling <3
  18. I actually prefer the Greenleaf siding to anything else, it's very flexible and easy to trim and glues on well because it's thin. The finished look isn't bad, all I do is paint a layer of white first then a layer of whatever color I'm using on the house. I've bought siding panels before and I didn't care for that at all, I'd rather apply each individual strip myself to make sure the fit is perfect. If you decide to skip it for now, you could do a stucco finish instead. I make stucco by using fine sand mixed with regular paint. The thickness depends on the amount of sand. Love the results, although I know people have other methods of doing stucco different from mine (mine is cheap though LOL). Or you could just keep it simple and paint the exterior :-)
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