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  1. Really an awesome looking house, lots of unique details. The shingle work is amazing - I wonder what kind of material that is. And whats going on here with the siding?
  2. This Beaumont was done pretty well, but it's seen better days so not quite worth $11,760.00 LOL. The listing says they ship too - can't image how much that would cost! https://www.ebay.com/itm/324107740987?hash=item4b7653a73b:g:EfMAAOSwktpectO-
  3. Oh yay! I'd love to know too. Thanks for all that research.
  4. I just hope whoever bought it consulted someone about any value and didn't just trash it all :-( I can't imagine what kind of tiny treasure you can't see in the pics. I lost count on just the houses alone, but they're definitely vintage so the minis must be too.
  5. I wouldn't mind having a Barrington either. I've had that eBay listing in my watch list for a while - I don't want to pay that for an opened box kit, plus the box itself is in crappy shape and I keep all my kit boxes while I'm building to store the sheets, etc. in them. I know some sellers (not in the hobby) want to open the boxes and display the contents, but I really wish they wouldn't LOL.
  6. Beautifully done! I spy a rubber ducky too
  7. Here's an Americana for $8K ...not completely finished and has no doors! Looks pretty on the outside though. I do see a Bodo Hennig stove but....$8000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/315875073259083?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A611d4959-4ae2-4bbd-8bc2-108b5e266c32
  8. Hi Michael, I just sent you a PM with the instructions :-)
  9. Welcome! I'm obsessed with the Brookwood's - yours is fabulous! Very well done. Looking forward to seeing your other builds too.
  10. My box arrived today - totally legit! Brand new in the box, still with the plastic wrapper on it. I'm so happy right now. I know you guys know the feeling <3
  11. I actually prefer the Greenleaf siding to anything else, it's very flexible and easy to trim and glues on well because it's thin. The finished look isn't bad, all I do is paint a layer of white first then a layer of whatever color I'm using on the house. I've bought siding panels before and I didn't care for that at all, I'd rather apply each individual strip myself to make sure the fit is perfect. If you decide to skip it for now, you could do a stucco finish instead. I make stucco by using fine sand mixed with regular paint. The thickness depends on the amount of sand. Love the results, although I know people have other methods of doing stucco different from mine (mine is cheap though LOL). Or you could just keep it simple and paint the exterior :-)
  12. I was there last night - they've sold miniatures for years (small selection, and mostly HO and fairy stuff), but this is a new section/new line they just started. It hasn't even rolled out in all the stores yet but the entire inventory is on their website now. I bought some in the store last night, then I went online and bought a bunch more. Some of it is not 1:12, but some of it is, so you really need to see it in the store first before you buy online (no measurements online). If you go online you have to search "DYI MINI" because if you search miniature the new stuff won't come up. They had sheets of subway tile etc wallpaper/flooring 8x8 that I bought online for like $5, hope they're decent.
  13. I built the quarter scale Brimble's to match my 1:12 scale :-)
  14. It's been on my "list" for a long time, one of the first houses I fell in love with...so I'm super happy right now. I really appreciate that you shared the link Amanda!!
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