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  1. Happy to see everyone and the forum back up. Thanks Greenleaf! All good down here in SW Florida. I'm an essential worker (Title Company) so I haven't missed any work. But since I haven't had any plans the past 6 weeks I've been doing mini's. Also taking advantage of the online sales from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, etc so I get a box delivered every few days, which is the highlight of my day usually. Finishing up my Brimbles bakery/candy shop and also working on these 2 Harrison's in between. Easter weekend was really tough without my family, and I can't see my grandson because he has severe asthma so they're keeping him isolated, but luckily I haven't been sick and I don't know anyone who has been diagnosed. Keeping fingers crossed though, and being extra cautious because our Gov is opening things back up this week. All the beaches open up tomorrow...just praying people behave so this doesn't drag out. I have a lot of friends suffering with their businesses, personal lives.
  2. I love her work - I'm trying to do a Key West style from an Alison Jr and her work is my inspiration, I've been collecting the fancy Victorian trim that she uses. Her color schemes are beautiful too.
  3. Also, to stay on topic....I bought my kit from a seller and it's an original packaging Brimble's from the early 80s with the original Greenleaf logo on a brown box. I was nervous about the wood quality since I didn't know how it was stored, but was very impressed after I inspected everything. Perfect quality!!
  4. Holly are you working on a Brimble's right now? That's what I'm working on, its a candy shop/bakery/ice cream. I did a little kit bashing, I needed more room downstairs so I moved the staircase to the outside of the building. It's on the opposite end of the entrance to the store and goes up to the window, which is now a doorway into the upstairs. The upstairs is the baking kitchen and a studio apartment. The build isn't taking too long, but the contents of the shop is taking all my time. I'm making all the goodies myself out of clay.
  5. Great deal! You could really have fun with a multi-level Department Store. Me personally, I would make that single house in modern theme with an addition on at least one side or maybe both sides. I've always wanted a house with an elevator.
  6. It just sold. The lady that bought this is in one of my facebook groups. Her and her father bought it and she posted detailed pics of it after she got home. The seller told her they got it off a lady that had it commissioned after her real home. She's trying to get in touch with the original owner. Really a great house, but she scored big time with all the contents! EDIT - she paid $350
  7. @Medieval .... I actually saw those at Ollie's...do you have an Ollie's near you? Not sure if the inventory is the same in each store though. I just went through all their buttons and bought some cute Anchor buttons that I can use and almost bought those, but I had too much stuff in my buggy already HaHa
  8. What do you think of the Willowcrest? I always loved that one, I don't have one (yet)
  9. Oh, yes I did for sure...I keep several rolls of wax paper in my craft room, I use it to cover a lot of stuff LOL. I haven't baked a pie or noodles in forever, my kids are all gone now so I'll just keep the rolling pin in the craft room too. If they ask for a pie I'll go buy another rolling pin.
  10. It'll look fabulous I'm sure, it looks good now. I'm messing around with a terracotta tile floor right now, I'm going to use your and Holly's colors and see what I can do. I made the flooring with paper clay that I rolled out with a rolling pin (from my kitchen) then scored it with a straight edge in even sized squares. Now I just need the get the color right.
  11. Chris Toledo is amazing, I follow him on all his social media. His style is exactly what I like, so it's super appealing to me. I look at his work over and over and somehow always notice some new detail. It's like when you watch a movie the second time and catch something you missed.
  12. I've had success sealing all my wood parts with just a quick coat of polyurethane. I coat every single part including the little ones like window trim, steps, etc etc. I haven't had any issues with bonding, I use Gorilla Wood Glue for construction, and then I'll use Aleenes white glue for a lot of other stuff.
  13. I love barrel tile roofs. I haven't done one yet but I've seen the method how to do it. Yours looks really good. Are you going to keep the same color throughout? I live in So Fla and down here we have a lot of these roofs in real life and there are multi colored clay tiles, all in the same color palette still. We have lots of solid colored ones too though.
  14. If anyone needs any Beacon Hill parts this guy's got them.....came across 2 of his listings on eBay for "scrap wood" for dollhouse building, realized it's someone's kit that either passed away or gave up. He's got an almost full window sheet in one of the listings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Victorian-dollhouse-building-materials-Large-Lot-Windows-Doors-Extras/254490153755?hash=item3b40cb931b:g:KfQAAOSwr9ReKQa9 Listing with the Beacon Hill windows: https://www.ebay.com/itm/dollhouse-building-materials-Large-Lot/254484649836?hash=item3b4077976c:g:VUEAAOSwcDBeIieL
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