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  1. I've missed out on several, or got outbid........BUT....I'm on the West Coast of Florida and my adult son lives on the East Coast - I saw a lady list a FREE Lawbre Nantucket that was so beautifully done on Marketplace on the East Coast. Within 5 minutes of it being listed I called my son and he agreed to leave work and immediately go get it, 30 minutes later it was GONE!! The listing was up for less than an hour and she gave it to someone else. I have never forgot about that house.
  2. Genevieve, I love your name. You have quite a beautiful collection! I did see the Rosedawn on eBay - I'm always window shopping! HaHa. There is a member on here that was giving her's away for FREE and I was tempted to take a road trip several states away to go get it, but then I snapped out of it.
  3. THAT'S MY HOUSE!!!!! That's the house that started it all for me-my mini obsession. My mother's 1949 Keystone of Boston that she got for xmas new in 1949-from Sears catalog. I have a gallery album for mine on here. She played with it, me and my sister played with it in the 70's, and both our daughters played with it in the 90's. Mom wanted to throw it away - I brought it home and totally remodeled it. (I got negative comments on youtube for "ruining" a collectors item-but thats what my family wanted, and it will now go to my grandkids when I pass away and stay in our family forever). Fun
  4. They must have - because the house is a replica of the main house in the series. There's an episode towards the end that shows the Uncle had it commissioned for Flora (the little girl in the show) for her birthday. I'm sure it was commissioned in real life for the show. What I'd like to know is where is it now - who got to keep it? LOL
  5. What a sweet idea, lucky girls!! Personally, I kinda like the idea of 3 identical houses, just painted/decorated different. Then there's truly nothing to create any jealousies (like the wrap around porch on the Laurel, but not on the others - just as an example).
  6. I started binge watching this on Saturday - I paused a few times to check out the house a little better. It's in a lot of episodes.
  7. What a unique house, I would love to have that too! I'm doing my Artply Highland in Spanish style, so I've been looking at a lot of adobe/Spanish houses.
  8. @GrannysueYes I spent many nights in front of the TV making all the tiny little treats LOL....it was fun!
  9. @Minis On The Edge Thanks so much! I had so much fun with it!!
  10. Thanks so much! I love this photo the most
  11. He's an awesome builder, he has a really good eye. I've seen a lot of his houses in the facebook posts. I've gotten great ideas from him too.
  12. Island-Shack

    Brimbles Mercantile

    My Brimbles that I have slightly bashed. "BB SWEETS" bakery, candy, ice cream etc.
  13. Yes I'll try to get some better interior photos and post them soon. There's so many cute little details. I knew I wanted a striped awning but couldn't find the right fabric so I decided to use wood instead and used the shape that came with the kit and just added the trim pieces (they're cut off tongue depressors). I had to measure everything so it would come out right, luckily it did.
  14. Island-Shack


    @RockawayRose That would be great! I could have an "open house" LOL show off all my houses.
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