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  1. Welcome! I'm obsessed with the Brookwood's - yours is fabulous! Very well done. Looking forward to seeing your other builds too.
  2. My box arrived today - totally legit! Brand new in the box, still with the plastic wrapper on it. I'm so happy right now. I know you guys know the feeling <3
  3. I actually prefer the Greenleaf siding to anything else, it's very flexible and easy to trim and glues on well because it's thin. The finished look isn't bad, all I do is paint a layer of white first then a layer of whatever color I'm using on the house. I've bought siding panels before and I didn't care for that at all, I'd rather apply each individual strip myself to make sure the fit is perfect. If you decide to skip it for now, you could do a stucco finish instead. I make stucco by using fine sand mixed with regular paint. The thickness depends on the amount of sand. Love the results,
  4. I was there last night - they've sold miniatures for years (small selection, and mostly HO and fairy stuff), but this is a new section/new line they just started. It hasn't even rolled out in all the stores yet but the entire inventory is on their website now. I bought some in the store last night, then I went online and bought a bunch more. Some of it is not 1:12, but some of it is, so you really need to see it in the store first before you buy online (no measurements online). If you go online you have to search "DYI MINI" because if you search miniature the new stuff won't come up. They
  5. I built the quarter scale Brimble's to match my 1:12 scale :-)
  6. It's been on my "list" for a long time, one of the first houses I fell in love with...so I'm super happy right now. I really appreciate that you shared the link Amanda!!
  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU - It's mine now! Not bad, $110 with shipping. I'm super happy. The last one I saw was $400
  8. Ya'll think that's bad....check out this RARE Alison Jr by RGT https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Real-Good-Toys-VICTORIAN-ALISON-JR-DOLLHOUSE-J-M907-9-Rooms-NEW-IN-BOX/154338675434?hash=item23ef4d4aea:g:Z~cAAOSw22RgMREo
  9. Emily I can't thank you enough, I emailed Gary over the weekend and he was quickly able to ID the house!!! It's called "The Sparrow Lane" by Batrie. He even provided a link to the instructions. I am soooooo happy to know the name, I can't even tell you. Batrie DH26K
  10. I'm spending more but only because in the last 12 months I've received several unexpected bonuses at work due to Covid, otherwise I like to make as much as I can or dip into my stash before buying more.
  11. That one is better than the one I had in my watch list - cheaper too - the one I bookmarked looked like the box had water damage. I have a better one in my watch list but it's just the manor, no coach house. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Skilcraft-Model-680-All-Wood-Victorian-Doll-House-25-Lx13-Wx26-H-New/184632801501 I also have a Skilcraft Cape Cod in my watchlist, but I'd like to pay less than what they're asking :-(
  12. The house in the eBay link is gorgeous! I think I will email RGT, thanks for the tip about Gary! I'm 100% positive its from a kit. It's really driving me crazy I've posted pics of this house all over Facebook too and no one knows. The porch posts, window panes and trim are definitely walmer/liliput/batrie/RGT. The doorways were standard size too, my doors in my stash fit perfect.
  13. I haven't had any luck identifying this house yet, but I've had fun giving it a makeover. Hoping someday I find out the name of it - but for now it's called "Spare Parts" because I happen to have everything I needed to do the makeover - doors, trim, etc. I usually keep the same name of the house - like Brookwood, Arthur, etc. so I really wish I knew the name of this.
  14. Looks creepy! Great job. What scale is it?
  15. I was going to bid and was literally rushing home and missed the auction by 5 minutes because of traffic. Super annoyed. I was planning on $200 max bid and assumed I would get outbid. (I dont have eBay on my phone because I never thought I would need it grrrrr)
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