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  1. What is a good tool to use to cut grooves in wood (birch) to hide wiring? Thanks
  2. Thanks so much for your replies!
  3. Has anyone ever ordered anything from Victoria Miniland? How was the service? Thanks
  4. Thank you so much Judith! I kinda thought that's the way it was done but wasn't quite sure.
  5. I am using the power strip to light a dollhouse. I am attaching the strip under the house. Some of my light's plugs are not long enough to reach the strip. How can I extend the wires if that's possible? Thanks!
  6. I just added two more houses, which makes 7 in the works. I'm always trying to find a another little girl to build one for. I wish I had more nieces.
  7. janinelewis

    Alpine Cottage

    I had so much fun putting this little kit together. This is the first time I've done a porch. I'm at a lost about decorating the inside.
  8. I've got 5 different houses that I'm working on. 1 from Greenleaf, 2 from Earth and Tree, and 2 from RGT. These are not quite finished and I ordered another house from Earth and Tree yesterday. Plus I have a list of about a dozen others that I want to build! Do you find yourself starting on another house before completing the others? This is really becoming an addiction for me? Well, I guess if I have to be addicted to something, it might as well be building dollhouses.
  9. Thanks everyone for your help.
  10. I put hardwood floors in the house that I'm building and would like to know what do I use to make them shine? I was going to use shellac but I didn't think that was a good idea.
  11. Has anyone ever built a house from Earth and Tree? If so, what was it like? I'm thinking about getting the Litchfield. I'm in love with the front porch. Thanks
  12. I inherited an Orchid kit from a co-worker who didn't want it. This is my first time putting a Greenleaf house together. I did a dry fit and punched out the other pieces. I was wondering if I could purchase premade windows and doors? If I absolutely have to use the ones in the kit, can I order a plastic window sheet because there wasn't any in the box? I really would prefer to use premade if it's available. Thanks.
  13. Has anyone ever used Chrysnbon window and door kits? If so, are they easy to assemble?
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