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  1. The glue holding the first floor walls and floors together finally dried. A couple of the spots dried crooked. A couple of spots didn't glue well and came undone. I need to just suck it up and reglue the entire thing but I'm sure that it'll dry just as crooked since one of the pieces is just a little warped. I'm likely going to smoosh some glue in to hold the walls together and then just sand to make the divider wall fit. I should have glued it already but that's how it goes. It was just done enough that I could play around a little tonight with some furniture odds and ends. I have a spinning wheel and a treadle sewing machine for it. I want to make a navajo loom, a floor loom, and a great wheel for it as well. Of course, then I'll need a cone holder and lots of shelving for all the yarn and fiber that one needs for the craft room that I'm envisioning. I spent several hours looking at pictures online of looms to convince myself that I can make some ok enough replicas if I would just stop being intimidated. It's mostly simple.
  2. There is actually a dollhouse shop here in town so I spent most of my morning getting over there and browsing. Came home with the windows that I needed for the first floor. I need to un-warp one of the walls before I can start thinking about gluing the shell together. I'll get on that tonight because I want to at least have the first floor shell started so that I can start playing with some of the furniture that's in the stash.
  3. Yes, the mini bug is definitely a chronic condition. I was 4 the first time I saw anything in small scale but it was so memorable and so massive that I can still remember bits and pieces of it. http://www.madurodam.nl/en/ I'm thinking that I'll start with building a navajo loom. That one should be pretty easy. Then I'll move on to the slightly more tricky floor loom. I just would really like to build the fiber studio that I can't have. :)
  4. You are my new favorite person. Now I wish the house shell was here rather than in Kansas but I have the box with all the ruined, oddly shaped mouldings here and now I can actually start dreaming about this again. Perhaps you have an idea of how much you just made my day.
  5. Once I started thinking about a loom, the first thing I did was search Casey's blog to see if she made hers or not. No such luck.
  6. And so it goes. I was here once before, building a Linwood. I ran into problems with some very split and ruined pieces of the build that were absolutely necessary. Then life jumped into my face. The house went into hibernation and almost all mini building went with it. It's still there, hibernating for a while longer. In the meantime, I've built a roombox and a coffee shop that lives at my sister's house but is sadly mostly unfurnished. I see familiar names here and it gives me a thrill to know you are still here, still building. As an introduction, Hi. I'm Da and currently life in Milwaukee. As a child, I would build dollhouses out of cardboard boxes, using pieces from wallpaper sample books to decorate walls and floors. Eventually, I moved on to actual 1/12 scale houses and furniture. The bug returned, the need to build something for myself. In my closet, I have a travel trailer kit. I also saw that there was a sale on April 2 that was just what I needed to push me into buying a roombox kit that is the same general size as the trailer. I intend to somehow bash them together into a two story place. I only have general ideas on what this wants to be but I would like to make the bottom floor into a large crafting area since I have a treadle sewing machine (which matches the real sized one in my dining room) and a spinning wheel pencil sharpener (which doesn't match my spinning wheel at all!) I priced mini looms but wow, perhaps I will be making any other fiber tools needed. I just wanted to say hi. I missed making minis so I'm back.
  7. I'm sorry. My kit sheets have all been cut out and 3/4 of them are already assembled so they aren't really easy to measure since the house is packed away until a later date. Good luck.
  8. I purchased the instructions on ebay My build is paused because some of my support trim pieces are in really bad shape. It discouraged me so I paused the build and then had to move to a place where I just don't have enough room to work on the house right now. ARGH!
  9. that space looks so clean and organized. My space would only stay like that for a day or two before I was leaving stuff scattered on the desktop again and stacking it to the side for easy reach.
  10. I use a lot of the above as well as: needle nose pliers tweezers hemostats toothpicks wire cutters clothespins lots and lots of masking tape newest favorite - Easy Cutter Ultimate
  11. I had a jig of sorts, it just wouldn't stay put and it turned out to be easier to wrap the wire when I was holding it rather than when it was attached and I could not reach around it. The frame was square when I took it off the jig, it's just very very bendable wire.
  12. Have I said how much I love that house? I really love that house.
  13. Got my happy mail bead order today so I have to get to work on finishing up the wall divider between living room and kitchen now. Still need to make an entrance piece (egg carton tile perhaps? Have lots of pieces of various paper mache bricks from working on the foundation. I'll think of something.) I think I am finally done with the stove. For now. Made the window bigger. Made the floppy stupid door actually stay closed unless pulled open. Made the heating element (I should dull the color of it just a little) and the shelf. Oh, that shelf. I'll make another one eventually because this is how "perfect" my work really is. The worst side goes in the back but it's certainly not a perfectly shaped piece of work. There are around 15 coats of paint over that beading wire to try to fill in some of the bumps and dips made by twisting the wire into shape. Oh for a soldering tool and some thicker wire. (It still wouldn't be square. hahaha.) Been working like a fiend this week at the RL job so I still have a ton of trim to sand and seal. Have 5 or 6 kits for chairs and a couch waiting in the wings and the half finished refrigerator to do as well. What I wouldn't give to have some vacation time.
  14. mybrainhurts

    Kynne's Linfield

    I'm taking my sweet time building this. Had the kit for 17 years and knew it would be electrified but the timing was never right to build it. It's time now.
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