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  1. That is a very specific answer! thank you
  2. Does anyone know this house? I’m buying it Monday, I’ve been looking for a half scale from opening for a while all I know is “it’s no longer made”
  3. I was given a box of the brown plastic furniture - can anyone point me in the direction of the hacks that people created for changing the furniture
  4. Holly - that’s a lot of houses!
  5. I just started a Nebraska State day project, brought it home and got to work, it’s a Tuscan Garden and has stuccoed walls. Red Devil Lightweight spalls is what they gave us - at true value I found a Dap version it is super light weight and I didn’t even need to sand it. I’ve used joint compound in the past and had to sand it and it was a mess, so I think I’ll use the light weight sparkle from now on.
  6. House of miniatures kits, St. Louis https://stlouis.craigslist.org/clt/d/fallon-vintage-dollhouse-furniture-kits/6951122882.html
  7. JBN- do you have pics of your highland? I like to see the original stairs
  8. Right? Lawbre curved! I thought it looked like it didn’t belong
  9. I’m going to have to wait four more months to play with it! made it home
  10. I did get it! I’m visiting my daughter and flying home so it’s going to live with with her for a few months. Thank you you so much! wait, the tower on front is part of it! I thought they’d added it on
  11. I found this today, I think they were trying for a chalet look. Does anyone know what kit this
  12. And if you are very lucky you can find some older fencing, house bits, etc, they are usually in wood. I’ve also bought street lights! and small scale tunnel entrances and used them for larger scale house fireplaces.! Just never know what what you’ll find. I found some N scale animals to use in my 1:144 houses
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