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  1. Fov - good idea about emailing the betterleys yes - the furniture that diy in the shelves are quarter scale. i think I’ll just build it and go from there!!
  2. This is the cupboard - note - it’s not my picture as it’s not assembled yet. the seller says it works out that the furniture that will ho on the shelves are quarter scale. I’d like to find done of that furniture
  3. I just bought a kit for a Miss Lydia Pickett Cupboard. Thought it would be easy to find info but not - the seller said it’s a hutch that comes out to quarter scale? does anyone have this kit?
  4. Thank you! I started making boxes to slide in, none of the rooms are the same size! fun!
  5. I just bought a baby house, signed J Gans 97 its adorable, I love it. Needs some repair, one door is off, someone painted inside the rooms. I’m going to need to do some sanding and such, so will need to touch up the stain. If anyone has any suggestions? o could only get one pic to load - here is the interior also - where do you buy a baby house scale furniture and such, I know about SdK miniatures, and Cynthia Howe, any other suggestions? I may have to make my own I think.
  6. I bought a bathroom sink - just to take the faucet off for another project, it came to 3.50. The one I was buying from an online site was more plus shipping
  7. That is a very specific answer! thank you
  8. Does anyone know this house? I’m buying it Monday, I’ve been looking for a half scale from opening for a while all I know is “it’s no longer made”
  9. I was given a box of the brown plastic furniture - can anyone point me in the direction of the hacks that people created for changing the furniture
  10. Holly - that’s a lot of houses!
  11. I just started a Nebraska State day project, brought it home and got to work, it’s a Tuscan Garden and has stuccoed walls. Red Devil Lightweight spalls is what they gave us - at true value I found a Dap version it is super light weight and I didn’t even need to sand it. I’ve used joint compound in the past and had to sand it and it was a mess, so I think I’ll use the light weight sparkle from now on.
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