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  1. I bought a bathroom sink - just to take the faucet off for another project, it came to 3.50. The one I was buying from an online site was more plus shipping
  2. That is a very specific answer! thank you
  3. Does anyone know this house? I’m buying it Monday, I’ve been looking for a half scale from opening for a while all I know is “it’s no longer made”
  4. I was given a box of the brown plastic furniture - can anyone point me in the direction of the hacks that people created for changing the furniture
  5. Holly - that’s a lot of houses!
  6. I just started a Nebraska State day project, brought it home and got to work, it’s a Tuscan Garden and has stuccoed walls. Red Devil Lightweight spalls is what they gave us - at true value I found a Dap version it is super light weight and I didn’t even need to sand it. I’ve used joint compound in the past and had to sand it and it was a mess, so I think I’ll use the light weight sparkle from now on.
  7. House of miniatures kits, St. Louis https://stlouis.craigslist.org/clt/d/fallon-vintage-dollhouse-furniture-kits/6951122882.html
  8. JBN- do you have pics of your highland? I like to see the original stairs
  9. Right? Lawbre curved! I thought it looked like it didn’t belong
  10. I’m going to have to wait four more months to play with it! made it home
  11. I did get it! I’m visiting my daughter and flying home so it’s going to live with with her for a few months. Thank you you so much! wait, the tower on front is part of it! I thought they’d added it on
  12. I found this today, I think they were trying for a chalet look. Does anyone know what kit this
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