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  1. I JUST, as in JUST got a message from the lady herself!!! I will fill you all in soon!
  2. It has now been 100 days!!!!!! Dee is doing very well!!! She is off of both the ventilator and trach. Dialysis has been discontinued. Her feeding tube has been removed. She is getting LOTS of physical therapy and will move to a new rehab hospital soon. :banana: :thumb: :banana:
  3. Sorry ladies!! Dee is doing well. She was transferred back tothe long term care facility just today. I will have more later for you. I am going away for several days so may not update during that time.
  4. adding a wave...I see you here Muriel good job lady! can't wait to see photos!
  5. Congratulations! I am thrilled to see this news Welcome to the world little one <3
  6. Dee had continued to do well over the weekend and was able to communicate and was obvioulsy wanting to get out of the hospital. It was thought she would be in ICU for another month yet, she continues to fight the infections. She would then go back tot he rehab hospital and work from there. Just a few moments ago, her family let me know one of her lungs collapsed through the night. Keep her in your thoughts, she has scome so very far,
  7. Some good news for a change!!!! While Dee reamins in the ICU and on the ventilator, her sedation has been decreased significantly, and she is able to respond to yes and no questions!!!! She continues to fight the infections. This has allll kinds of good news meaning....it means that mentally she is reasonably intact and that if there was any 'brain damage" it will be minimal and that she is cognisant enough to be able to work with the ventilator rather than fight it!!! I have passed on all of the messages of support Continue to send positive thoughts that soon she will be str
  8. Nice to see you Kathie!! Sadly, I missed an update while the forums were down. Dee had to be transfered back to the acute care hospital last week and is once again in ICU. It has now been over 50 days and I know everyone is both very worried as well as frustrated and feeling helpless. This is such a difficult position to be in for her family I imagine....waiting, hoping, remaining viligant, wondering if there will be improvement or if this is a new reality...and wondering when to come to terms with all of those facts. I know I wonder these things, and cannot imagine the
  9. Another setback.... Dee has some new infections :wub:
  10. I am sorry gang...I was offline for a few days as the computer had to go in to the "doctor" Dee was moved to the long term care hospital on Wednesday night. The move was difficult but she seems to be adjusting and stabilizing. She now opens her eyes a little for short bits, but is not seeming to be coherant when she does. They are attempting to wean her off of the ventilator and continue to make some progress with some bad days thrown into the mix. Overall, there is PROGRESS though!
  11. I will pass on all the sentiments. Right now, Deana is "holding her own" for the most part. She has ARDS stemming from Infuenza A. She has now been on a ventilator in ICU for 31 days. She gets dialysis three times a week for subsequent kidney failure which is hoped will reverse eventually. Small steps forward followed by another setback, all to be repeated again. The fact that she has survived to this point is definitely a plus for her anticipated recovery. The plan is to move her to a more long term facility in the coming weeks. It may take several months to strengthen her enough to
  12. Congrats Muriel!! Worry not lady, all will go well! Do you remember when I had Ben, I ended up in hospital at 22 1/2 weeks...with just a stick of deoderant and a spare T shirt as it was to be a "quick visit". well that lasted four months and I can tell you that you CAN survive on what is at the hospital and that all that matters is that little one and even if something is not quite done, fear not it will all come together. Ben was the proof for that...now three, he shows no signs of being worse for wear :hug: For the BH contractions...make sure that you have a huge drink of water..to
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