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  1. Well today we are cleaning up and studying!! Alex has school Monday then exams over the next week and a half..I will be sooooo glad when that is done. I helped him a little last night for his final project. He had to do an artifact box for his final novel study and he decided to do it in mini :lol: We built a trunk out of pop sticks the used that lovely dremel to build swords, an axe, bows and arrows and he used sculpy to make a jaguar. All in all it turned out great and it was nice to see all the crafting stuff out and being used. The mess from the dremel was a drag however! Especially
  2. Laundry, laundry and more laundry!!! Alex had to clean his room and play room before I would put him on a plane for the rest of spring break. That made 6-8 loads right there!! I cleaned Izzy's room...3 loads with bedding and quilt. Baby is good for a load a day,( I am a couple days behind too) then there is mine, and dh's work clothes...and pet bedding...so I say again..today I do laundry interspersed with breast feeding and while feeding, one handed typing on the forum
  3. Here today it is Laundry day!! UGH...I also had to take the baby in for his first shots (4 in his little chicken legs ) I think there are about 10 loads of laundry (alex cleaned his room :jawdrop: ) We have been getting the basement and new office in order since my office was tossed in there by DH while I was in hospital in order to do the baby's room. You shoulod see THAT mess!! Izzy has been a sick snotty mess, and today I am getting it and am expecting to have a needy baby once he wakes up from his immunizations. BTW, he is now 10lbs 10 oz at 2 months Early tomorrow, DH com
  4. A lady that used to be active in this group from England does the Reborn dolls now and her work is stunning!!!!! It is so incredible to see these, she had one in her avatar and I gave her He double hockey stix for not telling me she was preggo again LOL
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  7. I added me........no pic though on this puter. Nobody lives near me :welcome: Jack'sgurl
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