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    Country Kitchen

    I'm another fan of that book. I've made so much out of it. It's my miniature Bible. Great room.
  2. Jokelly

    Beach House

    I have two kits of this house. I know Tracy (Minis on the Edge) has built this house. It's an off-brand that sold in the ABC Distributing catalog. One kit is supposed to be for my niece to build, but she never did finish it and some of the pieces are now missing. The other kit was never opened. I've been thinking of making a haunted house out of it someday. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.
  3. My most favorite dollhouse ever. I have one in my bedroom that will be my next project. And I plan for it to be yellow, also.
  4. There are two versions of the kit with much different building methods and instructions. I have the pine kit, but my instructions went missing. I really wish I could find them because I have some trim work to finish. A few people have built this kit so maybe somebody else has a set laying around.
  5. Jokelly


    I love this house.
  6. Jokelly

    Side angle

    Beautiful house. I was one of those shouting over the Steeler game, also.
  7. I don't see anything wrong that. I think it's fantastic. Many house don't have windows that line up between stories.
  8. Jokelly

    dollhouse shelf

    I remember seeing this picture in a magazine a few years ago at the doctor's office. I wanted to rip it out and never did. My RGT lighthouse housed videotapes for years in the living room so I don't see what's wrong with one doing duty in a laundry room. I've been tossing around turning my log cabin into a coffee table.
  9. This house always reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. Wish they'd bring it back.
  10. Wow! The detail of copying the original is amazing! I, too, at first thought it was the original. This is a fantastic recreation.
  11. Jokelly

    room with piano

    Just lovely. I have a box of stained glass, only in dark ambers and burgundies that I have no idea what to do with. This is inspiring me to do something with it if I ever finish any of my other projects.
  12. Jokelly

    Fridge... finally!

    That's the Greensburg, PA store, isn't it? I live about 40 minutes west of it, but I rarely get to Greensburg anymore. I'm going to have to check it out since it's the only one left within an hour of me. Nice kitchen. I like the colorful floor.
  13. Jokelly

    icecream 071.jpg

    How sweet! You're so lucky to share this with your Grandma.
  14. Jokelly


    That's such an adorable picture. The way the sun is lighting the boy's fac is perfect. Like he's open to discovery and encountering something new and amazing.
  15. Jokelly


    This is so neat. I'd never have thought of using the McKinley as a bar.
  16. Jokelly

    !st House

    This kit was the first house I ever built. I gave it away to my neice, but I do miss it. It's a nice kit.
  17. Jokelly

    Full view

    Yep, this is the Linfield. I have one. The Linfield does have a balcony over the door. The only difference is the spindles on the porch and balcony are different than the kit's. I've had this kit for about 8 years. I love it, but mine won't talk to me so it stays in the box.
  18. I've done the dry sink, icebox, and bathroom kits and love them! The bathroom is my favorite. My current dollhouse has everything homemade except the bathroom because it's just perfect. But it also could be because I'm a sucker for clawfoot tubs. I'd turn down a fancy whirlpool jet anyday for an old-fashioned clawfoot.
  19. Jokelly


    Very nice! I hope you do great in the contest. Hopefully not another distressed old project gets the top prize.
  20. Jokelly

    Irish Eyes B&B

    Absolutely beautiful!
  21. Jokelly

    front of Victorian

    Is that a half-scale RGT conservatory? I didn't know they made those. I've never seen them in half-scale before.
  22. Jokelly

    skelton chair

    I love the chair!
  23. Jokelly

    Another delivery!

    If you like '50s style, there is a 1950s living room in the book "Making Dolls' House Interiors". Also if you go to dhminiatures.com they have some nice '50s tutorials under projects.
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