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  1. Wow you guys are so welcoming and wonderful! I will be happy to share pictures just as soon as I have something to show you. (The tax comment by the way was pretty funny!) Greenleaf was an amazing place to work as a first job. It is a big wonderful family of caring people (but I am sure you can see that in the time and love that is put into creating such wonderful products for you all to enjoy.) I actually learned how to silk screen at Greenleaf which is something to this day that I still enjoy doing as well as building dollhouses. My next project is going to be a gift for my friends little girl Rhianna. I cant wait to see her little eyes light up like mine did when I got my first dollhouse. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  2. I am such a reality TV junkie. Right now I am enjoying Top Chef and The Celebrity Paranormal Project and The Duel. I was so upset the Flavor of Love was over - That has got to be the FUNNIEST reality tv show ever created. It's so stupid that I couldnt get away from it. Project Runway had a good season that just ended as well. They had so many good contestants this time.
  3. Yeah! I am the first from RI (I think) I posted some pics of the city sky line here and My son Hunter and a work picture of some of my employees at All States 1031. Has anyone been to RI? What are your favorite things here?
  4. Wow, it's so gorgeous! How long did that take?
  5. Hi! I Mel and I am new here. I grew up in Schenevus and worked for Greenleaf through highschool. I started building dollhouses with my Mother Nancy who has been working for Greenleaf forever. My best memories are building dollhouses with her. We would paint them and make the furnishings. I loved my dollhouses - especially the ones with electricity. Since I graduated from Schenevus I moved to RI and finished college and I am now the executive vice president of All States 1031. WWW.Allstates1031.com We facilitate 1031 exchanges for real estate investors who dont want to pay capital gains taxes (who does want to pay tax really anyway?) I am looking forward to getting some advice on my future dollhouse building and if any one has any questions on 1031 tax deferred exchanging please feel free to ask I am always willing to spread the knowledge of getting out of paying tax or good real estate investing in general.
  6. I adore MySpace! It has been an amazing place to reconnect with people in my life that are all over the world. As a mother: There are many ways to disguise yourself or your child on myspace so that they cant be found by anyone. Don't use your Name! Never put you phone number or address information anywhere. Myspace has a number of excellent security features to protect their young users. The answer isnt to shut it down. You need to educate your children. MySpace is no more dangerous than sending your child out in public. If you teach them not to talk to strangers and they correct ways to present themselves then they wont be in any danger. Predators are everywhere. You can't stop that. All the bad press regarding bad things people have done has given MySpace a bad rep that is undeserved. Many of the issues that have arisen are purely the fault of the victims not being smart or educated about how their personal information can be used to hurt them. It's a shame to see 13 year old children lying about their ages and posting inappropriate pictures of themselves to draw attention. Parents should be monitoring their internet use. If a predator can get on Myspace and find a child and their information and use it to victimize these kids then their parents can get on and find them and what they have posted to ensure their safety. Don't blame MySpace for your individual laziness in protecting your own child. As an Employer: I think using MySpace as a way to evaluate an potential employee shouldnt be done without permission. However if a person doesn't have the sense about them to edit what they allow the public to view then it's their own fault.
  7. Since I was little I have loved your dollhouses. I spent weeks building them with my mother (Nancy) who has worked for you FOREVER! Christmas when I was 8 I woke up to a beautiful Greenhouse dollhouse my mother had built with electricity and everything. I would love to have one to show off here in RI. Pick me!!! :thumb:
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