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  1. Good luck with the move! With all of the wonderful advice you've gotten here, it should be a breeze. But I will cross my fingers for you anyways. "Emma" will cross her mini-fingers too. lyn
  2. Nice houses, at least what I got to see. Most of the site was down. Will try later. lyn
  3. Erin, it's so sad to hear of you losing your bunny. Losing a pet is never easy, no matter how long you have had them. We lost a dwarf bunny a few years ago. My daughter was heartbroken. We found him in the woods at a friends house and took him home. We had no idea how old he was and we only had him for 2 years. He was a wonderful pet. Kimi loved him so much that she wanted another dwarf. We got one from a girl who raised them as a 4-H project. 'Snuggles' just turned 5 and he is so much fun to have around. When you are ready try calling someone from 4-H to see if anyone is raising bunnies. lyn
  4. Amazing doll! But all of Gona's dolls are amazing. lyn
  5. I live in the Burlington, VT area and Holly is right. There are a lot of Victorian houses that surround the campus of the University of Vermont. Most of those Victorians are owned by the University. They are really beautifuul houses. Burlington has loads of Victorian houses. Another town in Vermont, Bethel actually has a 17 bedroom Victorian that is being auctioned off in two weeks. It's a bank foreclosure. Would be a perfect bed and breakfast. Anybody interested???? lyn
  6. 90% of the Victorian houses built in the late 1800's had wrought iron crests on the rooflines. During the two World Wars they lost them to the war effort. they did however get to keep anything that was made from wood or plaster. Every style of Victorian home; Gothic, French Renaissance, Eastlakes, Italianates and Queen Anne had some kind of fancy work on them. Scrolls, fretwork, fans,pediments, cornices. You name, they had it. Queen Annes were famous for their "gingerbread" millwork. lyn
  7. I actually don't know what the houses look like, so checking out Newt probably wouldn't help me there. I am going to check her site tho, I love looking at everyones houses! lyn
  8. I've been emailing a guy that has 3 dollhouses and boxes and boxes of furniture and accessories on craigslist. I asked who made the dollhouses and he wrote back that one is a homemade colonial and the other two are kits, still in boxes. The 2 in boxes, he says, are called "Children's Choice" and they were made in Vermont. Anyone ever heard of a company by that name???? lyn
  9. Favorite Flower..........Roses and Lily-of-the-Valley Favorite Colors...........Yellow and red Favorite Food.............This one is hard. I love Chinese food, but there is a restaurant in the Pocono's in Pennsylvania that makes Chicken Marsala ro die for!!!!! lyn
  10. You are so lucky to find all the houses. I've checked on Craig's list lots of times her in Vermont. I've never found dollhouse stuff until 2 days ago. Woman is selling $3000.00 worth of miniatures. Unfortunately for me they are all 1/24th scale. I don't need that scale. lyn
  11. Suzanne, what an amazing story. Best chuckle I've had all day! Tiffany it's actually a Greenleaf "Madison". I didn't know that Duracraft had one also. Pam......Happy Belated Birthday. It's nice to meet someone with the same day!!! lyn
  12. My Dh is definitely a keeper. {Even if he hadn't gotten me the Madison}. He also went shopping at an Antique store and got me two 30 yr.old pieces of dollhouse furniture for my Pierce. A drysink and an icebox. They look like they might have been made from kits. They are dated on the bottom of each piece, 1979. Finally, Victorian kitchen furniture for the poor empty kitchen. I wish that I had a digital camera cuz I would take pictures and show them to you. Maybe I can borrow my daughters. Or, better yet, get her to download them for me. ;) lyn
  13. Try rubbing a little toothpaste into the scratches and then buff it out. People suggest doing this for your sunglasses or eyeglasses. If it works on them, wouldn't it work on windows? lyn
  14. My birthday was July 30th and my dh forgot! To make up for it, he said he was going to do something special. Today, when I got home from running errands, the UPS man had left me a box. It is the "Madison". What a wonderful surprise!!! Guess I'll forgive him for forgetting. lyn
  15. Sharon, I have 2 copies of Susan McBaine's "miniature needlepoint rugs for dollhouses". You can have one if you would like it. Just send me a message. lyn
  16. Lucky Lady! Have fun building it. lyn
  17. I use the mineral foundation and eye shadows from Mary Kay. You do need to tap off the brush or you get too much powder. I like the eye shadows because they don't crease and the foundation is so light that you don't even know that you have it on. Can't say that about liquid foundation. lyn
  18. I worked as a cashier and cash office accountant at a Zayre's from the time I was 18 until I was 27. Left to get married. SAHM from 1986 to present day. Substitute aide and teacher in daughter's school district from '91 to present. I co-host and do accounting for an annual PTO Holiday Craft and Antique Show in our school district. I also belong to an all volunteer Musical Theatre Company called "LYRIC". I make costumes for our productions. I also do accounting for a friends MARY KAY business. lyn
  19. I was told that Greenleaf made the original PIERCE. When the business was sold to Tyco Toys, they revamped the house and called it the ANNABELLE. Sometime after that TYCO fazed it out. When Greenleaf bought the business back, they started producing the PIERCE again. lyn
  20. Your puppy and his coat are just TOO CUTE!!!! My Westie, that lives in the Pierce, saw the picture and wants a coat now. lyn
  21. Nice tree. Want to see color in the trees, come to Vermont. Our trees are beautiful right now. Lots of reds, oranges and yellows. With a little purple and burgundy thrown in here and there. Along with the green of the pine trees, it looks amazing. Fall in New England is one of my favorite times of the year. lyn
  22. The hutches are cute. I have about 3 of them in the works right now. Making them for gifts. Our Michael's has a ton of them and they are still $1. lyn
  23. I was a SAHM for 3 years before we even had our daughter, who's 21 now. I babysat to make extra money for us, before and after she was born. Being home gave me the chance to go on field trips with her classes, chaperone dances, work with the PTO's. DH was with me for all of these things (he works nights). I was here whenever she needed me. I was raised by my Grandmother, who was a SAHM. When I was little I wanted to be just like her. To have children and be home for them. At first I don't think that my DH was too keen on the idea. But it grew on him after a year or so. He liked having me home in the daytime so we could do things together. I did all the cleaning, laundry, etc. at night while he was working. This arrangement has worked out well for us for almost 24 years. I no longer babysit and haven't for 7 years now. For the last 12 years I have been doing sewing to make extra money for the household and to finance my hobbies. I make clothing, costumes, quilts and do alterations for customers. I also make alot of things to sell at local craft shows. Don't know if this is appealing to all women, but it's been just right for me and I wouldn't ever want to change a thing. lyn
  24. Your troll kind of looks like Dobby the house-elf from Harry Potter. Nice job. lyn
  25. Gina, Your mailbox is beautiful. You are amazing!! lyn
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