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  1. I went back in the old stuff, looking at all I missed at the beginning of this year. I came across this question and replies. Talk about CUTE! I have also marked this as a favorite. This is such a good idea to play around with colors for your houses. Saves paint, money and time. Thanks ! lyn
  2. I've seen that show. I think, if this old brain remembers correctly, that Paige is in that one, not Prue. There are actually a lot of the shows that the dollhouse is somewhere in the attic. I think that it is a custom built house because it looks a lot like the Manor. lyn
  3. Here in Vermont the drinking age is 21 and you can get a learner's permit to drive at 15. As far as I'm concerned the drinking age here should stay 21. We've had so many accidents with death resulting from under age drinkers in the past 6 or 7 years. The State has finally passed laws to stop it. If you're caught drinking and driving underage, you lose your license until you're 21, if you get it back at all. Your car is confiscated and sold and your parents pay a whooping fine. Kids can drive at 15 here, but they are not allowed to drive between dusk and dawn. They have to have a driver 21 or older with them and they are not allowed to drive on the interstate or out of state. They are not allowed to have any passengers except for the adult that has to ride with them. At 16 they can test for a junior operators license and are allowed to drive by themselves. Again, no dusk to dawn driving, but they can drive on the interstates. They are still NOT allowed to carry any passengers under 21. Then at age 18 they are tested again for their adult drivers license. lyn
  4. Lynette, Your dresses are beautiful. I know how much work you put into them! You would fit right in here in my little corner of Vermont. I belong to an all volunteer Musical Theatre Company called "LYRIC". I help to make the costumes. Last worked on "Fiddler on the Roof". Working on "A Chorus Line" now and it will be costumes for "Hello Dolly" in the Spring. lyn
  5. Warm cake from the microwave. :angry: Sounds good. Could be an extra thing to keep me warm this winter. Hate the idea of having to set the temperature lower than we did last year (66) up here in Vermont. Unfortunately with the forecasted price of $4.89 a gallon for kerosene, we may just have to. Guess it's time for me to get busy on the sewing machine and make a couple of draftstoppers and some window quilts. lyn
  6. Beautiful doors!!!! I can definitely see them on my Pierce! lyn
  7. If this is the ad on Craigslist that I think it is, this woman also has 2 other houses at really good prices. The other 2 are Greenleaf, but darned if I can remember which ones they are. Saw the ad 3 weeks ago. I called her because she also had 4 greenleaf villages for sale. She said everything was MIB. Only thing, she wouldn't ship them. Lyn
  8. I actually peeked into another box yesterday and found 2 more books. Dollhouses and dioramas by Robert Schleicher and "Doll Kitchens 1800 - 1980" by Eva Stille. Holly, I plan on reading most of the books before I decide what I will do with them. I actually already have one of these books, that I bought for myself. I will probably put the one from these lists on the trading post. lyn
  9. Thanks Debra, it's nice to know I have my friends on the Forum to talk dollhouses with. lyn
  10. My daughter talks with me about my dollhouse and the things I want to make for it. She was with me when I went to New Hampshire to pick up the 3 dollhouses and many boxes I bought. She couldn't wait to open the boxes and peek inside. She's going to help me renovate the homemade Colonial for a little girl that we babysit for. My DH listens for a little while, usually with one ear! The other is listening to the tv. My Mom and Gramma would have been the ones I would have been able to talk a blue streak about this to. They both loved dolls and dollhouses. Unfortunately my Mom passed away in 1997 and my Grammie in 2003. I do have one friend that listens. She's amazed at the HOM furniture that I've shown her. In fact, she told me she thought that she'd like to try building one kit for me. lyn
  11. We used to have 4 shops here in Vermont. The Enchanted Dollhouse in Manchester {2 1/2 hr. drive} was AMAZING. Six large rooms of nothing but dollhouses and miniatures. Even had their own workshop to build dollhouses for you. Unfortunately the owners were getting older and wanted to retire, kids didn't want it, so they closed over 5 years ago. B) Fred's Dollhouses was in Pittsford {1 1/2 hrs. drive} He passed away a few years ago and it closed. The doll's house shoppe was also in Pittsford, she closed 3 or 4 years ago. Big House, Little House was in Randolph {1 hr.drive} and I'm not sure if he's still open. Haven't seen any ads for a while now. No Hobby Lobby's or A.C. Moores here either. Only thing here is Real Good Toys in Barre. {1 hr. drive} And I've never been there in the 52 years I've lived in Vermont. Never even knew they were there until I joined this forum. Have never met any one that is into dollhouses and miniatures around here. There is never anything on Craigslist. The things I've gotten from there have come from New Hampshire. I have never seen anyone on this forum from Vermont either. Guess I'm the only one. lyn
  12. You can add me to this club too. I am definitely a dollhouse addict and no I don't want to be cured either!!!! lyn
  13. I have a Crafts Club catalog. They are owned by Ashdown Publications and they do carry Mini Mundus kits. They are a little pricey, but look really nice in the catalog! Some day when I'm rich and famous! lyn
  14. Only got to check out 1 box this weekend. It was half full of landscaping materials {which I don't use} and the other half was full of books. I now have a book of "READY TO USE DOLLHOUSE WALLPAPER", "THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO REMODELING & EXPANDING YOUR DOLLHOUSE" by Nola Theiss; "DOLLS' HOUSE FURNITURE BOOK" by Joan McElroy; "THE COMPLETE DOLL'S HOUSE BOOK" by Jean Nisbett; "THE VICTORIAN HOUSE COLORING BOOK" ; "TREASURES IN MINIATURE" from the Editors of Nutshell News; "MAKING MINIATURES IN 1/12 SCALE" by Venus and Martin Dodge; "DOLLHOUSE CRAFTING TIPS" from Nutshell News; "PORCHES ACROSS AMERICA" by Nancy Van Horn; "FINISHING TOUCHES" by Jack Robinson {a greenberg dollhouse publication}; "MCCALL'S BOOK OF LITTLE HOUSES"; 1 ISSUE OF "DOLL READER MAGAZINE" Dec.78/Jan.79; "MINIATURE & DOLLHOUSE CRAFTS MAGAZINE 1979"; "MINI TREASURES FOR MAXI PLEASURES" by Betty Borgeson; "JUDEE'S BEDS" by Judee Williamson; "HOW TO LIGHT A DOLL HOUSE" by Jean Dickey; along with 3 issues of Miniature Collector from 1994 and 2 Concord catalogs from 1990 and 1992 and a House of Miniatures catalog for Spring/Summer 1983. B) Can't wait to check out the prices on the kits that I got from my 1st deal on Craigslist. Hopefully, later this week I can find time to go through a few more boxes and get an inventory list started. Will have my daughter take pics with her digital camera and download them onto our computer for all of you to see. I can't wait to share!!!! lyn
  15. All of the dollhouse things that I have found on Craigslist have been under "Collectibles", so you could try there also. lyn
  16. I collect antique and vintage linens. I always use OxyClean to brighten them and to get the stains out. 90% of the time it works. Dissolve it in very hot water, either in the washing machine or your bathtub. Add cold water until you get warm water. Add linens. Let the linens soak for 5 or 6 hours. Run your washing machine on the gentle cycle. Don't remove the linens, add cold water then add lemon juice. Run thru another wash on gentle. Roll into towel to remove excess water and lay flat to dry. Unless you're sure that the linens won't rip if you hang them. I have a lot of vintage linens (some are my gramma's and great-gramma's) that some of the stains faded and I am using them to make linens and bedspreads in my Pierce. If you're really feeling ambitious, you could make a people sized quilt with all of the linens that aren't stain free. Kinda like a crazy quilt. Someday I plan to do that with a box full that I have. Your grandmother would be thrilled that you are using something that was obviously special to her. lyn
  17. I went for this second deal on Craigslist. Drove to New Hampshire this past weekend to get these 3 houses, plus 16 boxes of supplies and furniture. I have only taken a peek into 3 or 4 of the boxes and so far everything looks good. This weekend my DD, DH and I will go thru them all. I CAN"T WAIT. I also found out that the "Childrens Choice" dollhouses were made by Real Good Toys, back in the 80's. One is called " 333 Franklin Street" and the other is "1 Country Lane". They were manufactured especially for children. They also both open in the front. Once I inventory the 16 boxes, I will let you know what goodies I got. lyn
  18. I have 1 and her name is Emerentienne {M-air-on-see-en}(that was my maternal great-gramma's name). Emma, as she will be nicknamed has flaming red hair and a beautiful blue gown. She is a Victorian lady and is overseeing the renovation of the Pierce. She is very happy with her home. She also hopes that someday she will have a husband to share it with. lyn
  19. I received the box of kits yesterday. Talk about a lot of kits and they are all still wrapped in the plastic. You should have seen the way that Bob packed them. The kits were in the center of the box with bubblewrap under, around and over them. Tissue paper packed into all the open nooks and crannys. He did a great job! He's also told me that he has furniture kits from Concord. Anyone ever heard of that company? Let me know. lyn
  20. Well, Bob said that all the boxes are sealed. His father used to build dollhouses and made all the furniture that he put in them. His Dad passed away in June :yes: and Bob is trying to sell everything that his Dad had in his workshop. Kits, houses, tools, you name it. He told me that all of the kits are sealed in plastic, except for the one with the mirror. I mailed him a money order and he mailed the package. Will let you all know what happens. lyn
  21. Wonderful Troll Wendy!! I wonder if he's related to my kitten. He hides under the bed with the boxes. They are arranged to make tunnels for him to crawl thru. And, he loves to reach out and snag ankles with his claws!! lyn
  22. These houses are amazing. No wonder Greenleaf makes such beautiful houses for their kits with all these real ones for inspiration!! lyn
  23. According to a list that he sent me, he is selling......... A Chippendale Highboy, A cupboard base A Queen Anne wardrobe, Chippendale 6 drawer chest A Chippendale breakfront, Queen Anne tilt-top table Queen Anne tea table, 2 Queen Anne serving tables w/ marble tops Queen Anne fire screen, Queen Anne candle stand Chippendale wing chair, Chippendale night stand Chippendale open arm chairs, 2 Chippendale dry sinks Chippendale bench, Hepplewhite side table Hepplewhite cellarette, Willard tall case clock Open cabinet top, McIntire glass mirror Hutch cabinet, Hooded cradle Closed cabinet top, Chippendale 3 drawer chest Chippendale low post bed, Chippendale canopy bed Chippendale desk Shipping is about $10.00 lyn
  24. Okay my friends, I need some opinions. I have been emailing with a man who is selling House of Miniature kits on Craigslist. He has 30 kits. 21 small kits, 6 medium sized and 3 large. They are all from the time that the company was in Long Island, NY. He wants $134.00 plus s/h for them. Is this a good deal or should I pass it up? Are these kits still being manufactured? lyn
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