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  1. I have this beautiful doll and I just love her. Her dress is amazing. Gina did such a good job. "Emma" lives in my Pierce. lyn
  2. I'm glad to hear that these kits are easy to build. This summer I would like to start putting some of the ones I got on Craigslist together for my Pierce. lyn
  3. Nice job Lynnette. Can't wait to see it finished. lyn
  4. I love what you did to the book! I also sew for other people and I would love to get a gift like that from one of my customers. I've never seen these books at our Michael's, what part of the store would I find them in? lyn
  5. Pam your food looks amazing in the magazine! Congratulations on being published. lyn
  6. Pam, the house is adorable! A tutorial after Christmas would probably be best for everyone. lyn
  7. I have the Pierce and have never thought about enclosing the back. If I was going to do it, I would probably do it with 3 pieces of Plexiglas. One with the roof peak cut into it for the bedroom/kitchen section. The second piece would be a large square for the middle section of the house, with a hinged piece for the attic and the third piece would be made the same way to cover the masterbedroom and living room. lyn
  8. Collecting the pieces of furniture and decorating the rooms is my favorite. At least for right now. I haven't built a house yet, only stripped one and in the process of redecorating it. lyn
  9. Judi, Congratulations on your second find. Aren't the Reutter's pieces just beautiful! lyn
  11. I do sewing and alterations for a living. If I make something where I buy the materials, The customer will pay cost of materials plus 1 and a half that amount again for my time. If they purchase all the materials, then I charge them 10.00 an hour. I have a contract that they have to sign, so they know up front how much I charge. In 20 years of doing this I have had only one customer back out of the deal. She purchased silk material, thread, zipper, buttons and the pattern for me to make her a suit. She told me that she wore a size 8, I took her measurements anyway. They said she wore a 12. Even after telling her this she insisted I make the 8. So, that's what I did. Needless to say, when she came for a fitting she couldn't get in to it! Refused to pay me and stomped out. I actually ended up okay tho'. She left everything....the pattern, the extra thread, the extra lining material and silk. 3 months later, I had another customer that I do alterations for. She saw the suit and it fit her perfectly. She bought it for 2/3 of what I would have charged the other woman. I only asked for that price because I had used the extra materials to make other things that I had already sold. So, I still got the amount that I would have charged originally. lyn
  12. My DH, DD and I drove from our home in Colchester, Vermont to a gentleman's house in Barrington, New Hampshire for 3 dollhouses and 13 boxes of goodies. That's the furthest we've driven. Other things that I have purchased from Craigslist have come further thru the mail. lyn
  13. Rebecca, That isn't silly. That way no ones feelings are hurt, cuz you chose one house over another!! :teary: lyn
  14. Congratulations on your find. We all have more houses than we have room, so wwelcome to the club. Have fun decorating it. lyn
  15. I had the same problems when Ashdown took over. My subscription was good until June 2008. I received the 2007 December issue with a note saying my subscription had run out. NOT! I called Ashdown and they gave me a run around that they couldn't find my subscription on their computer. So, I called Madavar Media and talked to a very nice gentleman. He went onto his computer and lo and behold there was my subscription....good until June, like I said. He even gave me the number on the check that I had written. Went to the bank, got 2 copies. Wrote a letter to Ashdown, included a copy of the check and a copy of the front page of the last issue I had received. Told them they were mistaken, that I had contacted Madavar and had been told by them that they had forwarded my subscription info to Ashdown. I also informed Ashdown that because I still had 6 months to go on my subscription and because they had gone bi-monthly they would owe me the entire years worth of magazines for 2008. I also informed them that if they tried to cheat me out of any of the magazines I would turn them into the Better Business Bureau and the States Attorney. They sent me a letter of apology and 3 little boxes with porcelain dishes. Guess you just need to use a little Yankee ingenuity and a large stick!! lyn
  16. I was in Virginia Beach that week and went to check out the AC Moore store. They still have their mini section. Didn't know anything about the 55% off coupon till I heard another lady standing in that section talking to a friend on her cellphone. My DH went right up to the service desk and asked about the coupons. The clerk said 'Oh yes we are having a coupon sale, so you can use yours on anything. DH told her that we were from Vermont and that I didn't have a coupon or an AC Moore store for that matter. She found a coupon and gave it to him. Nice clerk. So, I got a $22.00 fireplace for $9.90. Not bad, huh! lyn
  17. I've got 20 of these stashed away. I'm working on 3 of them right now, for Christmas presents. One will be a sewing cabinet with a stash of goodies, the 2nd is going to be a gardeners cupboard and the 3rd is going to be a curio cabinet for a cat collector. When I get them finished i will download pictures. lyn
  18. Jenn, The plates are amazing!! I can't wait to read your tutorial and try to make some myself. lyn
  19. I found the 'Hello Dolly' furniture on Craigslist. I just went back in to take another look at it. Doesn't look like the furniture at the Dollar Stores. Chairs and Couches are upholstered. There are lamps, tables, a fireplace, etc. All of the wooden furniture comes in white boxes with a picture of the furniture piece on it. The ad says that they are antique dollhouse furniture. {Of course they could say whatever they want.} Hopefully someone here can help me identify them. I haven't had any luck trying to find them on line. lyn
  20. Finally got a chance to go thru part of another box. I found 22 issues of 'Miniatures Showcase' magazine. 1 issue from 1987, 1 from 1988, 3 - 1989, 4 - 1990, 4 - 1991, 4 - 1992 and 5 from 1993. Can't wait to find a little quiet time to sit and read them. I'm hoping that this weekend I will have a chance to start on the other boxes. I'm just itching to get into them, take pictures and post them so you can all see what I've gotten. Hopefully nothing will mess up my plans. lyn
  21. Has anyone heard of "Hello Dolly" doll furniture? And, if you have what scale is it? Any info would be greatly appreciated. lyn
  22. Thoughts and prayers with you and Nat. lyn
  23. Saw it on the news the other night. Never would have guessed he was 83. Wonderful actor, I've seen most of his movies. My favorite was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Wasn't Paul Newman also in a movie with Tom Cruise, about playing pool? lyn
  24. Welcome back Greg. lyn
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