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  1. Congratulations! Definitely need pictures so we can all see your new treasure. lyn
  2. I was at a Joann's today. One person cutting material, 15 people in line. By the time there were 20 in line waiting, a second clerk had come over to help. 5 more in line and a 3rd clerk materialized. I was totally surprised to see that many. And they actually had 2 registers open, each with a small line. This Joann's is in the middle of a good sized mall. I had never been there before, maybe this is the way they are all the time. I know my local Joann's is pretty good about having enough clerks all the time. lyn
  3. Hello, haven't been on here since the end of September. Looks like no one else has been either. How is everyone doing? Still doing your exercising every day? Steve and I are still trying to exercise 3 times a week. Planet Fitness has gotten more familiar to us and we enjoy going now. Steve is still stuck at 186 lbs. Me, I've managed to drop a few more and have gone from 162 to 158. Have a goal to get down to 150 by Thanksgiving. Yeah.....right......8 pounds in 2 weeks. Guess if I exercise 24/7 and starve myself, I might just make it. I'll be happy if I'm down 2 pounds by then.
  4. Beautiful job Deb. This winter I'm going to start playing around with my Michael's hutches and see what I can come up with.
  5. Just started a book titled "The Shadow of Death" by Philip E. Ginsburg. It's a true story about kidnappings and murders of girls aged 12 to mid twentys here in Vermont and in New Hampshire from 1968 to 1988. The serial killer was never found. lyn
  6. I have many hobbies. Sewing, quilting, embroidery, counted x-stitch, needlepoint, vintage linens and laces, depression glass, antique collecting, geneology, gardening and singing. I used to paint, but haven't had time for that in years. I'm hoping that sometime in the near future I will be able to get back into. I would like to try to paint mini pictures for my dollhouses. lyn
  7. Rosalind, I'm hoping that nasty little girls are going off to college too. As for the leerers and writing something across my chest.......I don't have enough chest to write anything. I'll just stay away from any machine that has a man around it. Will wait for him to go somewhere else. As for going to Planet Fitness at another time, we can't because of Steve's work schedule. Unless of course we went at 1:30 AM after he gets out of work. I brought a pair of headphones with me when we went to exercise on Monday. I listened to Judge Joe and Judge Alex while I worked out on the treadmill and the elliptical. Nothing but sports or dumb shows on the 12 tv's. Wish they would put on the Discovery channel or Animal Planet. I wouldn't mind watching those. Of course HGTV or Hallmark would be good too. Even listening to the dumb shows made the time go by faster. i guess it's better than being bored.
  8. Went to Planet Fitness on Friday and went thru the weight machines with the personal trainer. There are a few machines that Steve and I don't like and couldn't get the hang of. We tried them again today, on our own and we REALLY don't like them! We will give it a few more days then we may ask Lindsey to pick other machines. There is also "The Plank" that she has us doing, on the floor on a mat. Think we will do that one at home! Heidi, they may be known as the "Judgement Free Zone", but you still get nasty looks from the young girls. Or leers from the older men that are looking down your shirt while you are bent over doing the weight machines. I really don't like this place. No one but the employees are friendly. No one smiles at you as you get on a machine next to them, it's like you don't even exist. Everyone has a headset on to listen to the TV's, including Steve. I have no one to talk to and it seems like hours to get the workout over on the treadmill and elliptical. I know I said that I would go there for Steve, but I don't know how long I will be able to last. All I wanted to do today was cry while I was working out. I thought of just getting off the machines and sitting in the car until Steve was done exercising. But, I kept plugging along because I don't want him to quit.
  9. You are all amazing!! The exercise being done, the weight and inches being lost. Hooray!!! Haven't been here since June 19th. Life got extremely crazy around here. Steve finished his cardio-rehab on July 15th. Last Friday he finally made up his mind where he wanted to go to exercise. Planet Fitness won. I'm not thrilled, but I will go because I want him to keep exercising. As of the last day of Cardio Rehab, Steve is down to 182 lbs., down from 202. Me I'm @ 163, down from 173. I keep losing and finding the same 3 pounds and have been for almost 2 months now. I'm getting a little discouraged. I'm sure not doing any exercise for 2 and a half weeks didn't help. We only went for a half hour walk Monday thru Friday for those 2 and a half weeks. Not the amount we had been used to doing. We went to Planet Fitness on Monday and met with a personal trainer, Lindsey. She set us up with an exercise program. We will still use the treadmill and elliptical but will be using different weight machines than we did at Cardio. We also worked out on the treadmill and elliptical for 55 minutes.The ellipticals are harder to use than the ones at Cardio. I thought that my legs were going to collapse! We also went on Wednesday and did the same workout. Friday we meet with Lindsey and she will show us how to use the weight machines. Wish us luck. lyn
  10. Hi everyone! I'm so glad to read that everyone is doing so well with their exercising. Steve and I are still going to Cardio-Rehab 3 days a week. In the last two weeks we have both lost a little more weight. Steve is down to 188 from 197 and I'm at 163, down from 173. I can see the difference in Steve. His face is thinner and his hands look smaller to me. His tummy is starting to shrink too. Now on me, I haven't seen any difference. Clothes still fit the same and I know that I haven't put on muscle. Guess the weight is more important than inches, but it would be nice to be able to buy a size 10 again instead of a 12. lyn
  11. Well, I think I will get the 2 houses for the $75.00. Another $20 for postage. I'm hoping that the woman selling them isn't pulling a fast one and the boxes really haven't been opened. Time will tell. I also have 6 sets of the Greenleaf Village coming in the mail. A woman in New Hampshire had them on Craigs List. She wants $5.00 for all 6, plus postage. Couldn't pass that up now could I! :yes: lyn
  12. Cardio-rehab yesterday morning. Therapist decided to up Steve to 3.3 miles per hour at a 5.5% grade for 30 minutes. First time since we started exercising that he couldn't handle it. Had to cut the speed back to 3.0, even though he's been doing 3.2 for almost a week now. He said it was too fast for him. Guess he will stick with the 3.2. He can have it, I can't get up there! Kills my calf muscles. Guess I will be staying at 3.0 @ 5.5 for 30. lyn
  13. Need a little help in making a decision. I have a chance to get 2 dollhouses. Unfortunately I don't know anything about them. The houses are made by Duracraft. One is the Linfield and the other is the Brookfield. Boxes have never been opened and are still sealed. The woman that is selling them wants $75 for both. Is that a good price? Would you get them? lyn
  14. Jen, My husband works 12 noon until 1AM. Only gives us from 9AM to 11:30AM to exercise. Both Planet Fitnesses here are the craziest later in the afternoon. So maybe it won't be too crowded. lyn
  15. julygirl56


    We have 2 cats. They are brothers and just turned 1 year old on April 25th. Toby is 13.5 lbs and Domino is 10lbs. They both have bad habits that I would REALLY like to break. Domino just loves to unroll the toilet paper roll. DD figured out a way to stop him. The roll now has a chopstick thru it. No matter what Domi does he can't undo it. Makes him angry and he yowls at me. Toby's favorite thing to do to get into trouble is to splash his foot in the waterbowl. Like to drown him sometimes, cuz he not only splashes it all over the kitchen floor, he walks all around the kitchen and dining room and leaves little wet footprints!!! lyn
  16. Gina, Haven't been online for awhile. Didn't know you were hurting. Sending lots of prayers and good wishes your way. lyn
  17. Hi Everyone, Finally a little time to myself to write. Steve and I are still going to Cardio 3 times a week. Unfortunately neither of us has lost any more weight since the last time I wrote. In fact, with Memorial Day Weekend, Steve weighed himself Tuesday morning and he had put on 3 pounds. Today he lost that same 3 pounds. Hopefully he won't put it back on. Our workouts at the Rehab have been increased again. Treadmill is still 30 minutes, but the grade has been upped to 5.0 and the speed is now 3.2 miles an hour. 11 minutes on the rowing machine and 5 minutes on the elliptical. We have increased the weight on some of the weight machines. Always knew my legs were strong but never thought I would be able to lift 60 pounds with my ankles and push 75 pounds with my legs. Yesterday and today we went looking for a fitness club, to join after Cardio Rehab is over on July 13th. Can't believe the difference in prices for doing the same things we are at Rehab. Most expensive is $160.00 per month for both of us. Other prices are $75 per month for a couple, $54 per month for a couple and the cheapest is $10.00 a month for each of us, at Planet Fitness. Steve wants to go there, because he's cheap. I don't like it there. The machines are so close together that I feel like a sardine in a can! I'd like to stay at the Cardio-Rehab gym. It would be $70.00 a month for a couple. I would feel much better staying there because if, God forbid, Steve had another heart attack, he would be in the perfect place to get help. There is a Doctor and 3 nurses in the gym at all times. Every possible piece of equipment for saving lives is also there. At this point in time I would feel so much safer if we stayed there. If Steve had never had a heart attack I wouldn't care where we went. Of course if this hadn't happened we wouldn't be looking for a gym. Steve couldn't have cared less about working out. lyn
  18. Hi everyone. Been a bit busy here and didn't have time to post until now. Have had to go with Steve to a couple of eye appointments for my MIL. Her regular optometrist found that she was bleeding behind the retina in her right eye about 3 months ago. She lives 75 miles south of us and had to come up here to see a specialist. We met her last Tuesday for her 3rd visit and found out that she is now bleeding behind the retina in her left eye. My SIL brought her up for the appointment today, because I had a Doctor's appointment, down where my MIL lives. (My primary's office is there. We used to live down there 20 years ago.) My primary was surprised to see that I had dropped 7 pounds. He was pleased to find that because of that my blood pressure is down. (I have high blood pressure and have been on meds for 24 years.) Last visit in November it was 150/85,it's not usually this high, but sitting in his waiting room for one hour and 20 minutes past my appointment time aggravated me!!! It made Steve really late for work! Reading this time was 110/62. Best I've ever had. Hopefully with continuing exercise it will continue to drop and maybe, after all these years I can get my meds reduced or get off them completely!!!! I also had a blood test today to check my potassium level and my cholesterol. Cross your fingers for me that the potassium has gone up and the cholesterol down. Steve and I went to Cardio yesterday. Walked for his half hour dinner break yesterday and today. I also started doing sit-ups last Friday. I want to tighten up my tummy muscles. Might as well hit all the muscles and have the entire body be trim looking. ;) (in my dreams!!!) lyn
  19. Absolutely amazing house! Congratulations Michelle. I can't believe how huge it is. Have fun with it. lyn
  20. Went to the Cardio rehab this morning. Another hour and a half of exercise and weight training. Steve and I have both lost another pound, so he is at 189 and I'm 164. Took a DARN long time to get there too!! But I guess it's better to lose it slow and keep it off. lyn
  21. Rosalind, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Hugs and prayers are on their way. lyn
  22. Beverly, You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I went through the same situation on the 26th of March. Except I wasn't forwarned like you have been. My husband had a heart attack that day, at 52 yrs. old, and had a catherization and ended up with the cardiologist putting in 5 stents. Took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Steve is doing well, in fact he was raring to go back to work 3 hours after the catherization. Of course the Cardiologist made him wait for a month! Keep your chin up. We are all rooting for you!! lyn
  23. We have 2 cats. They are brothers and we got them when they were 6 1/2 weeks old. They just turned 1 year old on April 25th. "Toby Wan Kenobi" is our DD. He is a 13.5 lb. Butterscotch and yellow tiger with a white chest and 4 white rings around his tail. Kind of like a raccoon. "Domino" is a black and white 'tuxedo' kitty. If you look at him in the right light he also has stripes. His chest and tummy are white. So are all 4 feet, with a few black toes. Reminded me of dominoes, so hence the name. He has a red collar and looks like he's dressed for a nite at the opera. Domi weighs 10 lbs. and is the more talkative of the 2. He will come find me in the house and let me know when the water or food bowls are empty. We also have a female parakeet named "Trixie". She and the boys get along great. Trixie was here when the boys arrived and she immediately showed them who was boss. We had a male Holland Lop bunny named "Snuggles", but he passed away last October. He and the kitties used to play together. They were little and Snuggles would chase them. It was so funny. At night the kitties would lay next to Snuggs cage and take naps with him. lyn
  24. My mother died 12 years ago and my maternal grandmother (who raised me) died 6 years ago. I will be getting flowers for the cemetary, for them. We will be spending the weekend with DH's mother. Might take her out to lunch and we are getting her a hanging plant for her front porch. My husband usually doesn't get me anything, says I'm not HIS mother. :thumb: DD said she is going to surprise me and she's been all smiles for a week now so I'm sure that whatever it is, she already has it. lyn
  25. You are all doing great! I love reading your posts. It's so nice to get positive feedback on what everyone is doing to improve their health, makes it all worth while. Steve and I went to Cardio today. The therapists upped everything again. Steve said everything was easy for him, I think they're trying to give me a heart attack!!! :thumb: Of course I don't have to do the same thing as Steve, but I want to try. So, the treadmill is still 30 minutes @ 2.9 miles an hour, grade was increased from 3.0 to 4.0. Rowing machine was increased from 7 minutes to 8 and the elliptical was 4 minutes instead of 3. We complained about what a pain the elliptical is and one of the nurses showed us how to put the grade down. So, now we are working on it flat. Heidi, you should try it that way, it's actually not bad. In a few days, when we get used to it we will raise the grade to 0.5, and go from there. We also took a half hour walk during Steve's dinner break at work. Still haven't dropped any more weight. The nurses say that it's fine. The slower it comes off, the better! lyn
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