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    I love to shop for antiques, read, sew, quilt, knit and do embroidery. I'm putting these skills to the test and trying to make a mini crazy quilt for my dollhouse. I love to work in my flower garden. I've always liked dollhouses and always wanted one of my own to decorate. The Victorian Era is my favorite. That could be why my PIERCE will be totally victorian, inside and out.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. She had many happy years with you and you will hold those memories close to your heart. And remember this isn't Goodbye to Crystal, it's only "See you Later". She'll be sitting at the end of the Rainbow Bridge when it is your time to join her. lyn
  2. Heidi, I just read your message from January. Congratulations on the weight loss. lyn
  3. One of our cats is like that. When Domino (tuxedo kitty) decides I've been at the computer too long he sits beside me and talks until I give up and move away from the keyboard. Guess you can tell who's the boss around here. lyn
  4. I haven't been on the Forum in a while and just read this. Mary, I am SO sorry to hear about your stepson. Your family is in my prayers and will be for a long time to come. I know the feeling of losing someone suddenly in an accident. My youngest sister was killed in an auto accident just 2 months after her 20th birthday. She's been gone for 22 years now. Not a week goes by that something doesn't remind me of her. It's the memories of all the things he's done to make you smile that will get you through this. And, if those memories make you cry, so be it. Slowly, over time the tears will lessen and you will think of him with smiles. The one thing that got me through my sisters death was something that my daughter said a month after the funeral. She was 2 years old at the time. We were sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine and my daughter was looking through a story book that my sister had given her. It made me sad to think that Mary Pat would never read the book to Kimi again and I started to cry. Kimi asked why I was crying and I told her it was because 'Pat Pat" (Kimi's nickname for my sister) was gone and that I missed her. She said...Don't cry Mommy, Pat Pat is here. She's whispering to us in the wind and smiling to us in the sunshine. Out of the mouths of babes! Hugs to you and your family. lyn
  5. You all make me smile! And I want to add my THANKS to Tracy and Deb. You do a fantastic job!
  6. I've watched "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Judy Garland about 50 times. The first time obviously for the movie and music. Then I started watching it to get ideas for my Pierce. I find myself doing that while I watch HGTV. There are so many Victorian houses on a lot of their shows. lyn
  7. Congratulations Muriel and Chris. lyn
  8. Holly, you've got me beat. I'm lucky if I can walk a mile and a half. I'd never make it to 7, never mind 8 or 9 miles! lyn
  9. Goals for this year....... Lose the last 30 pounds I want gone. Finally get us moved into our new house (we've owned it since Sept. 2009). Finish clearing out all the stuff we DON'T need or use anymore. Find time to work on my Pierce (haven't touched it in 3 years.) Find a job to help pay off car loans and house mortgage.
  10. Doing Genealogy research is a blast. I've always known that my father's paternal side of the family came from England. William, (1st generation) came to America, settled in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and built a tavern. It still stands today and is called "The Manning Manse". One side is a tiny family museum, the other side is a restaurant. Our family has reunions there every June. One interesting fact I didn't know was that William came from a small town called Colchester, in England. My daughter and I were doing some research for a genealogy report she had to do for school and we found that interesting little tidbit. What makes it even better is.... we live in Colchester, Vermont. Our family has a book that was published when my paternal grandfather was a baby. It is a family genealogy that starts with William and goes to my grandfathers generation, which is the 12th. The family Association is in the process of gathering all the information it needs to publish a second book. It will start with my fathers generation and continue to the present. On my mother's side I have a genealogy for both her maternal grandfather and grandmother's sides of the family. My maternal great-grandmother came to the United States from Canada with 2 of her sisters. They went to Lowell, Massachusetts to work in the shirt factories. They were the oldest children and needed to help with the family. They sent money back to the family farm to help support the other 6 children. I myself have been researching my mother's paternal side of the family. Only finding bits and pieces, but it's Interesting and I'm not giving up yet. lyn
  11. Holly, I definitely know what you mean! Once I hit 50 keeping my weight where I wanted it became a day to day challenge. lyn
  12. I absolutely feel the same way. This site has been a God send. There have been many days in the last few years that I haven't even wanted to get out of bed each morning. I get on here and read all that's new and it cheers me up. Thank you all for being the wonderful on-line friends that you are. lyn
  13. Holly, you and I must have shared the same Holiday Fairy that helped us keep the weight off. Now, if that same Fairy could find a way to help me lose the rest of the pounds that I want to, I'll love her forever!!!! lyn
  14. Hello Everyone, Well, the Holidays have come and gone and I didn't even gain an ounce. Don't ask me how that miracle happened. We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house and I cooked everything, except the turkey, days ahead. I even sampled as I was stirring and baking. Somebody somewhere must like me. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or a nice Kwanzaa. Wishing everyone a peaceful New Year. lyn
  15. Decided to take a break from my sewing machine. Been sitting at it, off and on, since 10 AM this morning. I've gotten lots of Christmas gifts finished tho. 3 fleece blankets, a trio of pillows for my MIL, body pillows for our great-nieces and great-nephews and 4 shirts for my DH. I also finished knitting a shrug for one friend and an afghan for another. Still need to finish a lacy shawl for my best friend. Will finish decorating the house tomorrow, after we get our tree. Can't wait to get it all finished. It will be our 1st Christmas in the new house. Once the decorating is done I will need to start wrapping our gifts. I need a another week to be all caught up for Christmas!!! lyn
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