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  1. Another view of Peep and my new miniatures.
  2. This is Peep, my rescued paraplegic sweet pigeon who is looking down on my miniature creations. Peep probably was hit by a car or injured somehow. She is unable to fly or walk. She is a very sweet bird. We've had her since 9/4/20. She loves being held and petted. I had to make a miniature birdhouse to celebrate little Peep.
  3. A closer look of the Peep House birdhouse and my flower pot creations. I placed a quarter in the photo for size comparison.
  4. This is a photo of the pie safe with some art supplies in view. It is in the attic Art Studio of my Garfield. You can see the art tote on top.
  5. This photo shows some of my newly created miniatures. The pie safe was originally in walnut but I painted it and added snippets of wallpaper. It will be used for storing additional art supplies in my Garfield Art Studio in the attic. The art tote was a kit and it is in my Victorian Sunroom, on the porch near the easel. The paint cans were originally canned goods that I painted. All the pots have newly created crumpled crepe paper flowers and leaves and are decorating the newly created elevated porch for the sunroom. The birdhouse is a celebration for my real life rescued paraplegic pigeon that we named Peep.
  6. I added a small elevated porch to the back of the Victorian Sunroom. I added 2 small benches near the roof with cushions and pillows and a ladder for access. This also reflects the new 'Peep House' that I made with lots of flower pots and handmade flowers out of crumpled crepe paper. The Peep House birdhouse is for my real life rescued paraplegic pigeon. We saved her 9/4/20. She may have been hit by a car and can not fly or use her little legs. She is the sweetest bird. I wanted to celebrate her by making a birdhouse with her name on it, in miniature! Since in my pretend world, I have an animal rescue and sanctuary, the rescued critters would likely eat all the flowers if they had a chance so thus, the reason for adding on this porch!
  7. SF2012 - Member Name: Creamcheese aka Susan - Susan's Victorian Sunroom & Greenhouse Garden
  8. If you look closely at the porch near the easel, you will see the art tote box that I just finished making. It was a kit and included various paint cans, brushes, turpentine etc. The paint brushes were created by using toothpicks that were cut in various sizes, then the tip was flattened to mimic brushes by using pliers to press on the edge. Then I applied various colors to the brush handle by using colored markers.
  9. Thank you for taking a peek and for your comments. I'm happy to learn that this helps you in your half scale work too.
  10. Creamcheese


    From the album: Susan's Garfield Victorian Dollhouse

    I didn't place this tiny Xmas tree and presents in my Garfield. It was a bit crowded in my dollhouse but I did get to enjoy it when I placed it in my real-life kitchen/family room so that it could be viewed and enjoyed.
  11. From the album: Susan's Garfield Victorian Dollhouse

    This is the new sign I created for my sanctuary. This sign now hangs on the porch of my Garfield. The other signs are displayed on my Victorian sunroom which, in my pretend world, is on the same property as the Garfield. It's a fun world and nice escape from reality!
  12. From the album: Susan's Garfield Victorian Dollhouse

    This was a kit for a dollhouse doll's trunk. It's very tiny as you can see but very cute. Now I have to find a miniature doll to put inside.
  13. From the album: Susan's Garfield Victorian Dollhouse

    Another view of the tiny dollhouse doll's trunk kit.
  14. From the album: Spring Fling 2012 - Creamcheese

    I added some flowers to my sanctuary signs. It really adds color to the signs.
  15. From the album: Spring Fling 2012 - Creamcheese

    Another peek at the added flowers to the sanctuary sign.
  16. Danke! I tried to use all the spaces; it was so much fun to do and I'm happy to learn that I inspired you.
  17. Creamcheese


    Thank you, Elsbeth! I love birds and made all but one of the birdhouses. I used one as a sample.
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