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    I love animals (we've been rescuing Pit Bulls and bully breeds for years, have an art background so do drawing & painting and crafts, enjoy baking all my own breads, love cooking, gardening, music ( Classical & straight-ahead Jazz), am involved in progressive politics, now retired from corporate America! I'm new to miniatures and am really having fun with it. Love the outdoors and was an avid runner, hiker & cyclist before my knees gave out!
    I've always dreamed of building a Victorian dollhouse and last year my husband got me the Garfield kit! I entered the SF 2012 contest last year and built a little Victorian sunroom which gave me lots of courage to begin the Garfield. I had no previous experience so this helped and was so much fun. Now I'm busy working on the Garfield!!!!!! The GL community has been so wonderful and helpful.

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  1. Thank you for taking a peek and for your comments. I'm happy to learn that this helps you in your half scale work too.
  2. SF2012 - Member Name: Creamcheese aka Susan - Susan's Victorian Sunroom & Greenhouse Garden
  3. Danke! I tried to use all the spaces; it was so much fun to do and I'm happy to learn that I inspired you.
  4. Creamcheese


    Thank you, Elsbeth! I love birds and made all but one of the birdhouses. I used one as a sample.
  5. I was not aware that there ever was a window upgrade package available for the Garfield. When I built my Garfield, I decided to change out all of the windows and doors to working ones. I took an inventory, did a lot of measuring and then ordered the windows through miniatures.com. I did have to cut out the openings and make adjustments so that the new working windows would fit. I even added dormer windows in the attic to allow more light in. All the windows/doors came unfinished so I stained them all. Many doors I did make from scratch and pin-hinged them as I could not quite match the
  6. Creamcheese


    What a beautiful creation. Since the doll museum in Seattle is closed, I wonder what ever happened to this treasure?
  7. Creamcheese


    Thank you for looking at my album, Emerald!
  8. I found that a great multi-purpose adhesive is the 527 adhesive by Beacon. I used it to glue on all of my clapboard siding and the wood shingles. It's easy to use and basically can be used to glue everything! You can get it at any craft store but online is the best, especially if you have a coupon and then can purchase a larger quantity.
  9. Creamcheese


    Thank you for your comments! I love this flooring too and it really works in the bath. I also used it on the Garfield front porch so that I could remove the removable section and slide it along the porch. I'm sure your ribbon roses will look beautiful!
  10. Creamcheese


    Thank you! The original interior looked rather plain. When I added the shelves and wallpaper it changed the look.
  11. Thanks for taking a peek!
  12. Creamcheese


    Thank you! It looks more inviting than my own real life bathroom!
  13. I just updated my description. The little flowers are all made from crepe paper! Thanks for looking.
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