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  1. I know this is an old topic, but my friend and I recently bought two trailers at a fair in Holland and whoopie, one another one to finish and display at the next fair. It will be a challenge, but the idea is to create a gipsy version. Any idea's?? We are dazzling on the internet to find nice pic's etc. and I think our trailers are going to look smashing!!
  2. Thank you all for you're kind remarks. You make me blush! If you take a look at my blog, in older posts, you will find how to make the Delft Blue tiles. I used air dried clay and a french fries push thing (haha, how do you call something like that?) Simply take some acryl paint and a very thin brush. Varnish the tiles before you start applying you're paintings. Varnish afterwards also and remember, don't use varnish on a waterbase. If you do then you won't be able to put cement in between the tiles. All the tiles will be drained with waterspots then.
  3. And where to look??? <_< Stupid me :o Here of course: http://huize-libelle.blogspot.com/2009/09/...poppenhuis.html B) B)
  4. I would like to invite you to take a look in my Old Dutch Kitchen. All delft blue tiles are handmade as well as the floor tiles. Just read and look for your selves and please let me know how and if you like it! Now hurry, hurry to my DIY room to continue the work!
  5. I can understand what you mean. I once heard that it is tougher to learn Dutch as it is to learn Chinese. So...I promise, in the coming period I will try to translate all the workshops in English and otherwise, perhaps you can use a translate machine from Google.
  6. Hi All, I've been very busy the last few months building on the house and builiding on my arabian store with the miniature group The MiniMasters. But most of all, on building a new site for all of you with my friend Joke. Joke is a specialist in making miniatures and a great tutor for me. On the site you will find all kinds of workshops from Turkish shoes, Swings and Windows. Please take a look and have lots of fun. the adres is www.workshoppyalfabet.come2me.nl
  7. Thanks everyone!! You all make me blush. I'm really an amateur, but I'm doing the best I can. And according to the dolls, no I only made, as we call him in Holland, Malle Pietje (Silly Peter). He is the owner of an antique's and curiosa shop. And I'm working on this little shop right now. (He is the old man.)
  8. Hi, I'm Ingrid from Holland and I'm crazy about builiding Doll's Houses. I have visited this forum before, but during the last year I've been very busy creating things for my self-build Doll's House. I became the owner off a Doll's House Plan but the sizes were all wrong. So after measuring and a lot of puzzling I have managed to build my own Doll's House. I want to create everything myself, the house, furniture, doll's, really everything. It will take years, but then.............I will be the proud owner of a Dutch Palace. Please visit my site and let me know if you like my house. It is based on a children TV-show of the sixties and seventies, called Swiebertje. Sorry the site is not translated in English but I'm working on that. http://www.sweethearts.come2me.nl Bye Bye, Ingrid. (Don't forget to sign the Guestbook=Gastenboek) B)
  9. I've always wondered: what do you do with the cut-out parts of the pumkins. Make pumpkinsoup out of it or just throw them away?? You see all of these wonderful pumpkinlanterns all over, but I just wonder.................................... Anyway, have a nice tuesday and to all Halloweenpartypeople: Happy Halloween!!!
  10. So tired after a hard days of work, but not to tired to say hello, have a nice monday and post this message.
  11. Hello to all, waiting for the pizza-man. So a quick view and look a new topic
  12. Finally, into the forum. No connection. How desperate can one be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, pick me!! :teehee:
  13. Hello, I'm Ingrid. A member of the Dutch Poppenhuis Forum, (Dutch Dolls House Forum). We help, advise, listen to, one another. In good and sad times. And it is the greatest forum in Holland. No doubt about it!!! According to my dolls-house, it progressing slowly, it is my first and all mistakes have occured already. Perhaps if I would have known how difficult it was to design your own, I'd bought a Greenleaf, but hey, this is a real challenge!!!
  14. I haven't got a clue how I can change the time into European, but never the less, I'm not too late. Fingers crossed everyone, perhaps we get lucky today!! En voor alle Forumleden van het Nederlandse Forum, zet h'm op meiden!!!!! :woot:
  15. De huizen worden alleen maar mooier. Uit welke kast hebben ze deze nu weer getrokken???? Oh, pick me, pick me (Leuk als hoedjesatelier )
  16. Goedemorgen leden van het Nederlandse poppenhuisforum. En goodmorning to all dollhouse builders global. Fijne dag, Have a nice day.
  17. Hello goodmorning, how are you today???????????????????????? Oh, please pick me for this house!
  18. Don't miss my message. There is still a spot to place this house, I'll make some space, no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Oh, Please, sent this house to Holland. Teach us dutch how Halloween should be celebrated!!!
  20. It is a great site, but I think I'm totally lost. Help me out!! These ghosts, skulls etc. scare the h... out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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