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  1. In addition to what others haven mentioned, I use a tall plastic gift wrap organizer box for lumber, and I use a plastic embroidery floss box for tiny things.
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    No, the base is part of it. The walls fit through slots and have little shims anchoring them underneath. It's really much prettier than I could photograph with the iPad. The vendor had the MOST gorgeous area rugs too, but I couldn't afford them either.
  3. I bought this house at the miniature show in Portland, Oregon from a local artist. It is so beautifully done and it all comes apart! There is NO glue anywhere! I loved it, but told the vendor I couldn't afford it. I was browsing at another table when she came up to me and said she'd make me a deal, so I got it for half price! I bought the Mission furniture kits online from Karen Carey Miniatures, and they were a pleasure to make.
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    living room

    I love this. Just love it.
  5. Did I mention how much I love this?
  6. Bees! Love this! I have two hives! What did you use for foundation in your frames? REALLY love the floor!
  7. Thank you all! This house was just a joy to work on.
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