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  1. I'd love to know the history of the house, and the story behind it. Notice the street number sign, is that the address where it was found? Finds like this are fascinating to me, a story wanting to be told.
  2. I have been to Huntley House! Great store, lovely people. I've been meaning to go back, it's only about 1/2 hour from me. How nice we're 'neighbors'!
  3. Many thanks! Wonderful pics, fantastic project! You are a true artist and a real inspiration, Karin. I'd like to try some windows like those 'jewels', any suggestions?
  4. I seem to remember an article in one of the dollhouse magazines, within the past few years, about a Greenleaf Pierce kit that had been done up as a fairy house. Does anyone have any information on this? What magazine, what issue, the artist?
  5. gramac

    Porte Cochere - aged

    absolutely awesom! love your work.
  6. I'm finally figuring out how to get the photos into the album, but my web server is really slow, so it's going to take me awhile to get the latest up. I was unable to work on the project for several days, and sort of lost my momentum. Have to review and regroup.The girls and I are enjoying experimenting with new techniques and brainstorming ideas.
  7. gramac

    Haunted Lily

    This is a 'rescue' dh that wants to be something different. More than a haunted house, it's a sort of boarding house for kindred 'spirits'.
  8. Welcome, Candice! I haven't been a member here very long myself, but have already learned a lot from the wonderful folks here.
  9. Brae, I've seen your album; you've done amazing things, that chimney is especially awesome. I will definitely use the moss idea, and will try tattering the shingles as Holly suggests. Maybe even a hole in the roof, not sure about that (guess that depends on what ends up lurking there)... lots of spider webs and detritis, dust and mold. I really need to catalog all my projects, I found another house in the sewing room last night, and I forgot about the potting shed and the little red school house.....and bear hollow...and the Santa's workshop the girls did..the mixed-media dollhouse I did last Halloween, and the haunted house I did out of cardboard boxes for a window display in a shop last year....
  10. Lisa, we seem to be kindred 'spirits'.. I too am seeking gore and ghoulishness....and this is the first time I've actually altered a house. It's a Lily, I felt the mansard roof (if I could figure it out) would lend a 'haunted mansion' feel.The stair spindles are leg bones,a haunted mirror hangs in the blood spattered entry,blood runs down the walls of the attic (not sure what's lurking in there yet), there's a chandelier made of bones and skulls, and a six 'foot' dining table my grandaughter created. I've just been web browsing with google to find 'spooky miniatures'. Lots of good stuff on etsy, too.
  11. Hi Mary Ann, Isn't it fun? I know I have way too much going on, but I'm really determined to get lots of these projects finished this year. While the paint is drying on one project, I can glue another, and while that is drying, get those curtains finished, etc, etc, etc. I just can't work on/play with one thing at a time! Oh, and I miscounted, I found another house in the back room of the workshop today.
  12. Hi Holly, I bought a bunch of bead necklaces with skeletons on them at a dollar store last October, they sound like the garland ones, almost to scale.Thanks for the nylon idea, one of the rooms is to be 'mummy's' room. Can't wait to try it!
  13. Hi everyone, I've been working on miniatures, off and on, since my daughter was 8 or 9. I've taken a few classes and worked on traditional houses and room boxes, but have always been drawn to unusual containers and found objects. The first 'house' my daughter and I did was in a small cupboard. It had six rooms and a basement, as I recall. The two doors could be closed and it looked just like the cupboard it was. Wish I still had it. A few months ago my son brought me a partially constructed Lily that he rescued from a friend's trash pile. Many parts were missing,but the instruction booklet was still in the box. I don't yet know how many pieces are missing, since I don't have the schematic. I did find Gina's great tutorial, which is REALLY helping! But only realized the roof braces and roof were missing when I saw her pictures. I 'engineered' and 'manufactured' both. Quite pleased with myself. It has decided it wants to be a haunted, ghoulish 'boarding house', complete with skeletal chandelier and piano player, a 'six-foot' dining table, a kitchen for brewing potions, and a blood-spattered entry. I've left off the porch roof, traded the lattice for 'stone', the siding for stucco. Now it's my ten year old grandaughters a helping me; one working on a witch's sitting room, the other on a vampire's bedroom. I encourage creativity, not perfection, and stress having FUN with it ! We all won blue ribbons for our entries in our last county fair; they for their fairy houses, me for Cinderella's pumpkin coach. We currently have eight houses in various stages of design, construction, and remodeling. I also have a scene from Phantom of the Opera in the planning stages, and Marilyn Monroe's dressing room (in a cosmetic case) waiting to be put together. I look forward to learning more, and to getting these projects finished!
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