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    All manner of creatives from needle crafts to paper crafts to painting. I love to make Polymer clay minis too.. when im not in my 'MINI ZONE' I'm taking care of my little dog Hugo..... a Mini ( of course ) Dachshund...

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  1. The LIttle Mermaid is a fave disney film of mine. Cant wait to see more picture of this project !!!
  2. prettyinscarlet


    this is great ... I've also put family history related stained glass in my doll house x
  3. This is great way to do a roof.. I used an effect spray by Rustoleum for mine.. a small tip though.. I glued a few rows of shingles to card and then taped it down and sprayed it with the spray but I found that the spray clogged in the tiny gaps and didnt really look as authentic as I'd liked as the colour was much too uniform. I tried again and used masking tape in strips stuck down at the edges wrong way up on newspaper in the yard and then put the individual shingles on with a small approx 5mm gap between each one it didnt take long at all .. lots of tape was used mind so make sure you
  4. prettyinscarlet

    My Willowcrest

    This is the Willowcrest, Built for me by my Dad about 20 years ago. Dad passed away a while ago and its got me thinking about refurbing this house (painted in some rather vile gloss colours by an eager child - me) so this is my progress on my first venture into Mini's - hope you like it....
  5. This is wonderful.. so inspiring
  6. he's secretly enjoying all these nice comments.. keep them up folks.. he built me a great living room unit last night... just need to varnish and fill photos soon
  7. Thanks for you kind words. Im having a lot of fun with this house.. its bringing back some wonderful memories
  8. Thanks so much. i wish i could have this floor in my RL kitchen... the little minis are from Dollshouse emporium and i just painted them to match...Boyf is also going to make me an oven door to go under that Hob .. watch this space...
  9. he pretends its such a chore but he loves it really he surprised me with a tiny dog kennel yesterday .. so easily pleased
  10. I'm sewing plain white Bedding and pillows with a few more pink scatter cushions .. Fingers crossed it tones it down a little the painting is a copy of Picasso's Dachshund.. its such a great simple image and i was trying to break up that black pattern..
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