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  1. beccas1963

    Beacon Hill

    This is my Beacon Hill construction
  2. beccas1963

    Just Pics

    Pics of things I find interesting or funny
  3. beccas1963

    BH with Shutters

    Irene, I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words are just not enough how neat the house is! Bec
  4. Roni, Sorry didnt answer before but i am using basswood. 1/8 thick ripped down to 1/2 inch wide. Bec PS I prepainted them so you see the gaps better.
  5. Thank you all for your comments. And yup I was partying when you all were busy. Bec
  6. beccas1963

    Moulding Making

    Making Some Moulding
  7. ok I have a question is a queen size bed teh same as a double bed? Bec
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