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    Doll houses, kereoke, reading; & visiting the elderly.I collect the grinch, angels, tea sets, mini wine glasses and mini liqueur bottles, lighters;and I love animals and plants.And I antique frames.

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  1. B) I must say that I like the add on the best. I can just picture myself having tea and enjoying the open view of nature. Although the entire house is spectacular.
  2. I loved your UTube video on the mouse's house. The child in me just loved it!!!!
  3. gggrinch6


    well I simply think he is kissable don't you? He He! LOL He is my favorite pet!
  4. gggrinch6

    Showcase Room

    The joys of just one room.
  5. gggrinch6

    House #1

    The Three Story Home
  6. O I just love ferrets. They are so curious and cuddly little things. Cher
  7. what was the material substance used for the interior walls frame work and columns glass or plastic or stone and mother of pearl? Cher
  8. Hello, and welcome. I too just got a orchid house for my birthday in May. ;)
  9. Man what bummer. I hope this does not happen to me . I have only built one house and then made a copy of the same house out of cardboard.But I don't have it anymore the card board one didn't hold up in storage.But my boyfriends got my an Orchid doll house for my birthday last month.I'm glad you were able to salvage your house. Good luck it still be worth it in the end.
  10. Wow! I haven't looked at all the pics yet. How old is the castle and how long did it take to build. And what was the history and the cost of the mini castle. I always like to know how the creator was inspired. And can I save this in my folder?I would like to show my sister this and my mom. Cher p.s. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. With my chrinic illness I am limited at how often I can travel. And this made me feel as of I was there with you.
  11. this pic is simply breath taking!
  12. My thoughts exactly there is never anyone there when I go into live chat. Remember my name and I will try to remember yours maybe we will meet up soon. I mostly go on line in the early to morning to the early noon like 10am to 1pm. We have to share the computer with 6 people here in my house hold lol.gggrinch6; cher
  13. I cant take any more pics with my digital camera. It says memory disc needed when it is already in the camera! Any ideas? My daughter says she has deleted all the other pics she has taken after she has downloaded them on the puter. :groucho: I just got a new Orchid House for my birthday and I need to take pics of it as well as replace the pics I lost already.
  14. Wow I'm sure I beleive my eyes.You got that much snow? Cher
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