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  1. LaurieJW


    I really like the wall shelf in the kitchen. What a great idea!!
  2. LaurieJW

    Grandma's Summer House

    Half-scale Van Buren
  3. I just started the same kit - half scale van buren - and my pieces have a lot of warping, too. I think it's from the kit being shrink-wrapped - that's what seems to have caused the warping. I'm wondering why Greenleaf packages it that way. Why not put it in a box? The other thing is, the directions are a bit wonky. Tells me to take different window pieces from the plastic sheet, but all I have are plain sheets of plastic that need to be cut. I don't mind that, but the directions should match the kit, I think. I'm hoping that gluing and clamping will fix most of the warping issue.
  4. LaurieJW

    tree house

    Wow! That is so original! Very creative!
  5. Yes, the Fairfield is half scale.
  6. LaurieJW

    Fairfield, haunted edition

    Half-scale Greenleaf Fairfield. My mother bought this kit back in the early '90s, but never had the chance to put it together. This will be a sort of haunted house, 1920s version, with subtle references to various fantasy, horror, and sci-fi books and movies.
  7. I do not envy the judges of this contest. What an impossible choice - every last project is amazing, well done, and gorgeous in its own way. What fun! As a first-time Flinger, I'm hooked now! Already thinking about next year!
  8. LaurieJW

    Maybe ..just maybe

    What a fantastic idea! It's beautiful, too.
  9. LaurieJW

    The Bathroom

    The whole thing is fantastic! I can't wait to see how it looks when you've finished.
  10. I love the door ajar. Definitely sets a mood.
  11. LaurieJW

    The Desk

    Cute lamp shade!
  12. LaurieJW

    Painting Corner

    What a pretty green jar!
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