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  1. LaurieJW


    I really like the wall shelf in the kitchen. What a great idea!!
  2. LaurieJW

    Grandma's Summer House

    Half-scale Van Buren
  3. LaurieJW

    tree house

    Wow! That is so original! Very creative!
  4. Yes, the Fairfield is half scale.
  5. LaurieJW

    Fairfield, haunted edition

    Half-scale Greenleaf Fairfield. My mother bought this kit back in the early '90s, but never had the chance to put it together. This will be a sort of haunted house, 1920s version, with subtle references to various fantasy, horror, and sci-fi books and movies.
  6. LaurieJW

    Maybe ..just maybe

    What a fantastic idea! It's beautiful, too.
  7. LaurieJW

    The Bathroom

    The whole thing is fantastic! I can't wait to see how it looks when you've finished.
  8. I love the door ajar. Definitely sets a mood.
  9. LaurieJW

    The Desk

    Cute lamp shade!
  10. LaurieJW

    Painting Corner

    What a pretty green jar!
  11. LaurieJW

    On the table

    I like your spools of ribbon.
  12. LaurieJW

    Craft Cupboard

    very clever! I like the bird cage.
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