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    I'm 24 and I like:<br />Music, Piano, Films, Travelling, Nature, Animals, Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Mucha, Early 20th Century, Manors, Castles, Ireland, Shopping ... ;-)

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  1. Anne

    The Phoenix

    Wow, it's so beautiful, Anya! Love it!
  2. Anne

    Canadian Lynx

    It is sooooo beautiful, love it!
  3. What a lovely house! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow, what a beautiful house! Is this a kit or did you design it? Can't wait to see more pics!
  5. What a lovely room box! Lucky girl she is!
  6. How lovely and I love the extra room, great idea!
  7. Anne


    I love the ceiling! The mural / wallpaper is lovely too!
  8. Anne

    Back view

    Wow, your house is going to be a beauty. I love the windows, the trimwork, the colors, everything. I was thinking of a similar archway for my next dollhouse. The kitchen is great too. Can't wait to see mor pics!
  9. Anne


    This is lovely! I like your work a lot!
  10. Wow, this is so beautiful, love it!
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