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  1. it's from felt! none chenille stems.
  2. Hello Rhonda, thanks for your compliments, my english is not so good to translate my website, maybe I can find someone to do this for my! or with babelfish translation I give it a try but thats gonna take hours and days time.... I bought a little carousel and then made it myself, the red and purple one are my work. great that you enjoyed visiting my site
  3. Thanks!!! the shop is made by my husband.
  4. I'm making a bearshop,I need lots of bears for it so here is one made by myself, you can see the rest of them on my website, really love making them. http://mijnkleinewereld.piczo.com/bellasbe...;linkvar=000044
  5. chelleke1

    Gloucester house

    Won on the greenleaf forum in october
  6. Wauwwww, it's so beautiful!!!
  7. Thankssss!!!! Friendly,yes, that are tiny cotton balls.
  8. I wanted to make a christmas house, but I haven't got the time, so I made a little christmas decoration. Next year maybe a house!
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